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NADIIIAA Membership

Membership Benefits

  • Belong to a professional organization created by and for athletics administrators in Division III.
  • Utilize a professional organization for the exchange of current practices and discussion of evolving trends in Division I intercollegiate athletics.
  • Receive a complimentary copy of NACDA's magazine Athletics Administration, which contains the "NADIIIAA Corner", highlighting current Division III intercollegiate athletics management applications.
  • Receive the NACDA Daily Review, a web clipping service that contains articles on intercollegiate athletics from newspaper web sites across the country. The Daily Review arrives via e-mail five days a week.
  • Utilize the NADIIIAA Community for the exchange of information, ideas and employment opportunities with peers.
  • Opportunity to obtain a financial grant to assist in attending the NACDA Convention.
  • Receive copies of any research results distributed by the Association.
  • Receive the NADIIIAA quarterly newsletter which contains updates about the Association and the industry.
  • Apply for or nominate individuals for the following NADIIIAA Awards:
    • Community Service
      • One-time Community Service Project
      • An array of Community Service Projects
      • An on-going Community Service Project
    • NADIIIAA Emerging and/or Transitioning Athletic Administrator Award
    • Richard A. Rasmussen Lifetime Achievement Award

Primary Individual Membership ($100)

First individual (primary member) in an athletics department of a college/university or conference office who purchases a membership.

Individual Additional Membership ($75)
Any additional individual who is employed by the athletics department of a college/university or conference office, but is not the primary member from the institution.

All memberships run concurrent with the school year and are valid through August 31.  For more information regarding membership in NADIIIAA, contact the Director - Membership Services, Brian Horning (bhorning@nacda.com) at the NACDA office at 440-788-7469.