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NACMA 15 Questions with Andrew Horton

April 21, 2009

1.) Name: Andrew Horton

2.) Current Position & Employer:

Associate Athletics Director for External Operations, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

3.) # Years in current position:

Three months in current role, after having served as Assistant Athletics Director for External Operations for one year and seven months

4.) Why/when did you decide to pursue a career in college athletics?

Throughout my college career I was largely undecided and drifted between two or three majors. Sports Administration captured my interest when I had the opportunity to intern in the Development Office and began to work with student-athletes, alumni and fans.

5.) Who do you consider to be your role model in this industry?

I learn something from everyone I encounter. I guess in that regard, everyone is my role model to some extent.

6.) What are your career aspirations?

I would very much like to one day become a Director of Athletics. For now, my goal is to continue to learn and grow within the field and improve upon my past efforts.

7.) How important do you feel your involvement is with NACMA in terms of continuing to grow your career?

NACMA has been essential in providing me with much needed professional development. While I have only been able to attend a couple of conferences, the experiences and knowledge that I have gained from participating have been unmatched. Being familiar with how other institutions operate and getting to know your peers goes a very long way in any profession.

8.) What is your favorite memory from your job, or project you are most proud of?

There are many things that stand out for me because I work at my Alma Mater. One favorite memory would have to be working with colleagues to rebrand our athletics program and to see how quick the effort caught on with both the community and the university.

9.) Were you ever involved in a marketing "blunder"? If so, please explain!

Yes! Too many to mention in this interview! I believe that if you are not making mistakes, then you are not trying hard enough. Just don't make the same mistakes more than once.



10.) Who has been your favorite coach to work with? (either present or past job):

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed each coach that I have had the pleasure of working with.

11.) What do you feel is the most important quality for those early in the profession to possess?

Self-motivation. Don't let the bus pass you by and don't wait until someone tells you to get on it.

12.) What advice would you give to those who are looking to venture into the field of collegiate athletics marketing?

Be prepared to work long hours and make sure your heart is in it. Believe in what you are doing and understand how your role plays into the mission of the department and the university.

13.) In your opinion, where is collegiate athletics marketing headed in the future?

Collegiate Athletics Marketing is constantly growing and its future will undoubtedly be an exciting one. With state funding on the decline, we will all be looking to do more with less. That said, I believe that you will see more creativity across the board.

14.) What is the best advice anyone have ever given you?

You are never too old to learn so never stop doing so.

15.) Who are the people who have influenced you the most?

My parents and my wife.