Case Study of the Redevelopment of Historic Camp Randall Stadium - University of Wisconsin

Mark Schmitz, Creative Director/President, ZD Studios
Vince Sweeney, Senior Associate Athletics Director, University of Wisconsin

The "Facility Brand" Experience

The "art" of creating special human places has been around a few thousand years, but the practice has never been more important than now in the quest for the ultimate guest experience. Believe it or not, your facility is being judged by every ticket holder, vendor, maintenance worker and employee in the building. The "facility experience" has become such an important part of our culture that future consumer and financial success WILL depend on it.

Senior associate athletics director at the University of Wisconsin, Vince Sweeney, and creative director/president of ZD Studios, Mark Schmitz will discuss contemporary methodology behind facility brand design. Mr. Sweeney has successfully incorporated facility brand design into comprehensive sales and marketing plans for suites and other premium seating and for impactful donor recognition opportunities. Mr. Schmitz has recently developed facility design programs for Historic Camp Randall Stadium and the renovation of Lambeau Field. The two will discuss the four-year image and sales plan to renovate Camp Randall Stadium and "Celebrate the Legacy" of the 88-year old stadium on the grounds of a civil war prisoner of war camp.

Insights to cost effective interior design plans will be shared along with current techniques to integrate, create and share historic authenticity. You will leave this session energized with ideas and tools to bring your athletics facility, recruiting rooms, hall of fames and athletics department to life!



Division I

Final 2013-14 Division I Standings - 6/27

Institution Pts
1. Stanford 1482.00
2. Florida 1216.50

Notre Dame

4. Virginia 1118.50
5. Penn State 1113.00
6. Texas 1093.00
7. UCLA 1078.50
8. USC 1063.75
9. Duke 1051.00

Texas A&M


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Division II

Final 2013-14 Division II Standings - 6/4

Institution Pts
1. Grand Valley State 1030.00
2. West Texas A&M 708.00
3. Central Missouri


4. Indianapolis 649.75
5. Ashland 637.00
6. Chico State 625.50
7. Augustana (SD) 603.00
8. Adams State 595.00
9. West Florida 586.50
10. LIU Post 575.00

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Division III

Final 2013-14 Division III Standings - 6/4

Institution Pts
1. Williams 1225.25
2. Wisconsin Whitewater 1134.75
3. Johns Hopkins 977.50
4. Washington-St. Louis 924.25
5. Amherst 914.50
6. Emory 898.00
7. Tufts 799.38
8. MIT 778.75
9. St. Thomas (MN)


10. Middlebury 752.00

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Final 2013-14 NAIA Standings - 6/10

Institution Pts
1. Oklahoma Baptist 907.50
2. Oklahoma City 763.25
3. Lindsey Wilson 756.00

Embry-Riddle (FL)

5. Olivet Nazarene 741.75
6. Wayland Baptist 648.50

Concordia (CA)


8. Indiana Tech 597.50
9. Morningside 596.50
10. College of Idaho 593.50

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