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NACDA Announces Golden Anniversary Awards

May 4, 2015

CLEVELAND - The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) announced the recipients of its 2015 Golden Anniversary Awards, today. The Golden Anniversary Award is a unique award recognizing those individuals, companies and organizations that have had significant impact on NACDA over its first 50 years. Honorees will be recognized at the Learfield Sports Directors' Cup Luncheon, in conjunction with NACDA's 50th Anniversary Convention on Tuesday, June 16 in Orlando, Fla.

Honorees include the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), represented by Grant Teaff; Collegiate Licensing Company, represented by Pat Battle; Host Communications, represented by Jim Host; John McLendon Minority Foundation, represented by NACDA Past President Kevin Anderson; NACDA Exhibitors, represented by Kathy Polanshek for NACDA Insurance; NAIA, represented by Jim Carr; National Football Foundation, represented by Steve Hatchell; NATYCAA, represented by Vin Cullen; NCAA, represented by Mark Emmert; Raycom Sports, represented by Ken Haines; SportsBusiness Journal, represented by Richard Weiss; and USA TODAY, represented by Tom O'Toole.

For more information on the impact each honoree has had on NACDA in its first 50 years, please see below:

American Football Coaches Association -- Grant Teaff
NACDA and the AFCA have had a long standing familiarity with one another that began with Charlie McLendon. In 1990, AFCA became the primary charity for the Pigskin Classic. In 1992 Grant Teaff was named Executive Director. His first trip as Executive Director of the AFCA was to visit NACDA Headquarters to spend two days interviewing staff and meeting with our accountant and attorney. Throughout Teaff's term, NACDA and the AFCA have worked closely with one another to become a force within the industry, beginning with the 125th Anniversary of College Football, which grew to become NCAA Football.
Accepting the Golden Anniversary award on behalf of the AFCA and Teaff is Baylor Director of Athletics Ian McCaw.

Collegiate Licensing Company -- Pat Battle
Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) was instrumental in assisting NACDA with establishing ICLA (2002), our ninth Association, a merger of the National Collegiate Licensing Association (NCLA) and the Association of Collegiate Licensing Administrators (ACLA). NACDA had previously initiated and administered NCLA.

In 2002, collegiate licensing was becoming an ever-increasing revenue portal for our membership and NACDA's ability to exert influence over that disparity and unify the industry, with CLC's assistance, proved to be a stepping stone for future association development. This was the first time the power of NACDA's Association Management positioning was utilized to positively impact a segment of the marketplace.

Host Communications -- Jim Host
In 1995, Host financially supported the NACDA/AFCA joint venture, College Football USA, an outgrowth of the 125th anniversary of college football. This very successful franchise, which later grew to become NCAA Football, was the only unified program embraced by ALL the college football stakeholders, whose sole intent was to support the game. NCAA Football provided hundreds of thousands dollars to support collegiate and youth football throughout America in its 20 years of its existence.

In 2001, Host secured a $1 million sponsorship for NACDA from the Coca-Cola Company, a sponsorship which is still in existence today. In 2010, Host placed an exclamation point on his relationship with NACDA by entitling the Jim Host NACDA Intern Program.

John McLendon Minority Scholarship Foundation -- Kevin Anderson
Under the direction of Mike Cleary, NACDA initiated the John McLendon Minority Scholarship Foundation in 1998, which awards funding to minority individuals looking to pursue a career in athletics administration. The program was administered by the NACDA Foundation with the initial funding of the program coming from proceeds generated from both the Kickoff and Pigskin Classics. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded over $850,000 in postgraduate scholarships. In 2007, the McLendon Foundation initiated its inaugural Hall of Fame class, honoring minority administrators who have left their mark on athletics history. Anderson has been an integral proponent of the McLendon Foundation as both a Board member and NACDA President.

NACDA Exhibitors -- Kathy Polanshek (representative)
Since 1964, when NACDA had 30 exhibitors at its first Convention, exhibit revenue has been vital to NACDA's financial well-being. Kathy Polanshek, representing NACDA Insurance, has been a mainstay amongst the multitude of exhibitors who have supported NACDA through the years.

NAIA -- Jim Carr
The NAIA's relationship with NACDA dates back to its early days, as a way to ensure all segments of collegiate athletics were represented in the NACDA membership and leadership. Since its inception, NACDA has always had an NAIA representative on its Executive Committee. Most recently, Greg Feris, representing Wayland Baptist, represented the NAIA as NACDA's Secretary, serving a five year term that ended in 2006. Because of the involvement of NACDA Executive Director Emeritus Mike Cleary and the NAIA collectively, the McLendon Foundation eventually became NACDA's diversity initiative, as John McLendon won three national championships in the NAIA.

National Football Foundation -- Steve Hatchell
NACDA has a long standing relationship with the National Football Foundation (NFF) that was expanded upon at the inception of the Kickoff Classic, whereby the NFF was the major charity for the games. Over the span of 20 years, the National Football Foundation received approximately $10 million. In addition, the NFF has named their annual athletic director award after NACDA Past President John Toner, and for the past 25 years, NACDA's Executive Director has been honored with a seat on the prestigious National Football Foundation Board.

NATYCAA -- Vin Cullen
In 1999, NATYCAA officially began its operation under the management of NACDA but in 1992 Vinnie Cullen, former director of athletics at the Community College of Rhode Island, led a contingent of athletics directors whose charge was to integrate the junior college entities under one umbrella. This was no easy feat, as within the realm of the community college ranks there are three separate entities, the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) and the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges.

NCAA -- Mark Emmert
NACDA has had a very strong relationship with the NCAA that goes back to the hiring of NACDA Director Emeritus Mike Cleary before he accepted the Executive Director position with NACDA. Throughout the years, the NCAA has employed two sitting athletics directors as Executive Directors, Dick Schultz (Iowa) and Cedric Dempsey (Arizona), respectively. Recent governance adjustments has the athletics director as the practitioner in a position of strength, as the practitioners witness by the current chair of the Management Council, Jim Phillips, NACDA's current President, and Keith Gill, assistant chair of the Management Council and current NACDA Executive Committee Member.
Accepting the Golden Anniversary award on behalf of Emmert and the NCAA is NCAA Senior Vice President -- Championships, Joni Comstock.

Raycom Sports -- Ken Haines
Ken Haines has been a dear friend of NACDA since 1983. Always behind the scenes, Haines assisted NACDA as an unpaid media consultant in all of our Kickoff and Pigskin Classic preseason football games. Proceeds from those games, in excess of $8 million through the years, had NACDA as the secondary charity, and greatly enhanced the financial status of the National Football Foundation (Kickoff) and American Football Coaches Association (Pigskin). In addition, since 1994 Raycom Sports has been sponsoring NACDA's Final Four pregame reception, and under Haines' guidance, Raycom became a sponsor at this year's inaugural NACDA/FBS Leadership Summit.

SportsBusiness Journal -- Richard Weiss
Since 1998, SportsBusiness Journal has been our print partner for our Athletics Director of the Year (ADOY) program. During the course of this relationship, SBJ has provided NACDA in excess of $1 million in advertising opportunities, which has afforded us the ability to cross-promote our brand and thank our sponsors. In addition, NACDA has assisted in partnering with SBJ for its annual Intercollegiate Forum held each December in New York City. Each year, SBJ enhances the NACDA Convention by dedicating that week's edition to collegiate activities, one of only two times per year where SBJ focuses on the collegiate spectrum.
Accepting the Golden Anniversary award on behalf of Weiss and SportsBusiness Journal is Michael Smith.

USA TODAY -- Tom O'Toole
Since 1993, USA TODAY has been our exclusive print partner for the Directors' Cup. What began with Gene Policinski to Jim Welch to Monte Loral to our constant, Tom O'Toole, we cannot thank USA TODAY enough for its support through the years. In addition to printing the Directors' Cup standings ,which really authenticated our "All Sports Award," USA TODAY has also provided adjacent advertising which allowed us to promote various NACDA platforms and sponsorships. The Directors' Cup recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and USA TODAY has been there every step of the way.

Looking back upon this particular relationship, there is a strong sentiment that USA TODAY is most responsible for building the NACDA brand across the landscape. Up until the mid-90s, the NACDA acronym was always accompanied by the definition.

About NACDA: NACDA, now in its 50th year, is the professional and educational Association for more than 11,000 college athletics administrators at more than 1,600 institutions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. More than 5,500 athletics administrators annually attend NACDA & Affiliates Convention Week. Additionally, NACDA manages 15 professional associations and three foundations. For more information on NACDA, visit www.nacda.com.