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To provide NACDA-member institutions the opportunity to host educational sessions focused on leadership & customer service for their staff, who in most cases, would not be eligible to attend the annual NACDA Convention. The one-day customized program may be attended by their athletics department staff. The one-day standard program may be attended by university-affiliated individuals as a means to generate additional revenue for the department.

Disney's Approach to Leading a Service Excellence Culture
**Specific to Intercollegiate Athletics**

Option 1
Conducted for Member Institution Athletics Department Staff
Cost: $10,000 plus speaker travel expenses for up to 30 attendees; $275 per individual above 30
Not:  Additional speaker travel expenses incurred for attendance of more than 50 participants

Option 2
Regionally based - Hosted by a NACDA member institution for local athletics department staffs (Host institution is responsible for all marketing & financial liabilities)
Cost: same as Option 1
Option 3
NACDA acts as host either in conjunction with the NACDA Convention, NCAA Convention or in another regional setting
Cost: same as Option 1

Disney's Approach to Business Excellence
**NOT Specific to Intercollegiate Athletics**

Promoted by NACDA-member athletics departments to Boosters, Alumni or other Campus Personnel
Cost: $10,000 plus speaker travel expenses for up to 50 attendees; $225 per individual above 50
Note: Additional travel speaker expenses incurred for attendance of more than 50 participants

Institution may "sell" the program to those affiliated with the athletics department (i.e. Donors, Boosters, etc.) for a particular price in order to generate revenue for the department. Any dollars collected in excess of the $10,000 (for the first 50 attendees) and $225 per attendee (over 50) is owed to Disney Institute for conducting the program may be kept by the host athletics department. (Public Per Person Ticket Price must be in the $300-$399 range).*

Note: If the athletics department would like to host a program that is "By Invitation Only" and paid for by the Athletics Department (Le. for Donors & Boosters), it can utilize the pricing from Option #1 but offer the One-Day Standard Program - Disney's Approach to Business Excellence.

  • This program is equivalent to Disney Institute Public Programs which have a cost of $39,000 for the first 250 attendees paid by the sponsoring organization. The normal per person ticket price charged by the sponsoring organization in the marketplace is between $300 and $399 per attendee. This program is meant to be an opportunity for the athletics department to offset the cost for their staffs to attend the One-Day Customized Program (Option #1, #2 and #3 above).