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NAADD 2018 Diversity Initiative Application

Dec. 5, 2017

CLEVELAND - NAADD is now accepting applications for the 2018 Diversity Initiative. This year will mark the twelfth year of the NAADD Diversity Initiative, which awards Convention stipends to minority and female fundraisers involved in our organization. NAADD is committed to creating and reinforcing an inclusive environment in which opportunities for networking and professional development are fostered and nurtured.

To be eligible for the Diversity Initiative, applicants must be current NAADD members and employed full-time.

Additional criteria for the Diversity Initiative are;

  • Applicants cannot be selected more than twice for the program
  • No more than one staff member per institution can be selected annually
  • Applicants cannot be undergraduate students

Recipients will receive a stipend, which is designated for Convention related expenses (hotel, Convention registration and travel). Acceptance of the stipend also requires that the applicant commit to participating in the Fundamentals of Athletics Development (FOAD) and the mentoring breakfast and lunch on the front end of the Convention.

Applicants are evaluated through essay responses. Important factors include career goals, NAADD involvement and institutional financial need. Specifically, this stipend is designed for underrepresented administrators who are interested in advancing their career in athletics development.

To be considered for the NAADD Diversity Initiative, applications must be submitted by Monday, January 8.

Questions regarding the NAADD Diversity Initiative can be directed to NACDA Associate Executive Director - Administration, Jason Galaska (jgalaska@nacda.com/440-788-7470).

Click here to apply for the NAADD Diversity Initiative.

About NAADD: NAADD is the first organization of its kind to provide educational and networking opportunities, enhancement of acceptable operating standards and ethics, and establishment of the overall prestige and understanding of the profession of athletics development and fund raising. For more information about NAADD, please visit www.naadd.com. NAADD is administered by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA), which is in its 53rd year. For more information on NACDA and the 17 professional associations that fall under its umbrella, please visit www.nacda.com.