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Past President Testimonials: Bob Madden

May 24, 2018

#NAADD25th: In honor of NAADD's 25 years of commitment to the development of collegiate athletics, NAADD will be featuring the full testimonials of Past Presidents throughout 2018.

Here is the full testimonial from May's featured Past President, Major Gifts Officer at the College of Idaho, Bob Madden (2005-06).


Madden received his bachelor's degree from the College of Idaho and went on to earn master's degrees from Oregon State University in higher education, from Idaho State University in athletics administration and from the University of Idaho in business administration.

He started his career in athletics development as the first women's athletics fundraiser at Oregon State. Prior to his position at OSU, the Caldwell, Idaho native spent five years as director of financial aid and placement at the College of Idaho. In 1980, Madden became the executive director of the Bronco Athletics Association, Inc. (BAA) and was later named the associate athletics director for athletics development at Boise State University. During Madden's 34-year tenure, the Bronco Athletics Association, Inc./Boise State University Athletics dramatically increased its fundraising from booster club memberships, special events, endowment gifting, sports enhancements, and capital campaigns. Madden also supervised several major capital projects including the Boise State University Pavilion ($7.1 million), the Bronco Stadium Expansion ($6.7 million), the Bronco Weight Room Expansion ($1.5 million) and the Bronco Football Complex ($1.4 million). During the same period the endowment fund for athletics scholarships increased in value from $30,000 to $17,000,000.

After three decades of service at Boise State, Madden returned to the College of Idaho as the major gifts officer for academic and athletics programs in 2014. Throughout his career in development, Madden has been recognized as one of the industry's best multiple times. In 1993, he was selected as the Athletics Fundraiser of the Year by the National Conference for Athletics Fundraising and in 2001, he was honored by the Idaho Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals as the Fundraising and Development Executive of the Year. The year before his return to the College of Idaho, NAADD bestowed upon him the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for his excellence in service to athletics development and the Association.

Here is what Bob had to say about NAADD:
Why should someone become a NAADD member?
NAADD membership provides many valuable opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career in intercollegiate athletics. Collegiate athletics has become "Big Business" where the ability to generate financial support from individuals, businesses and corporations is critical for maintaining program stability.

At our National Conference, NAADD attendees learn the fundamentals of athletic development. Programs like FOAD, the mentoring sessions and the classroom presentations by veteran professionals provide a thorough understanding of the techniques required when identifying, cultivating and stewarding current as well as future prospective donors.
Another important attribute of NAADD membership is the availability to meet and interact with other professionals in our chosen occupation. These relationships are valuable when seeking input on common issues and/or pursuing job advancement positions.

What has NAADD meant to you?
NAADD has been a valuable asset during my athletic development career. I have had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with so many wonderful folks from the various conferences across the USA and Canada. We all have a common interest which is to generate financial support for our respective schools and programs. We freely share best practices that can benefit all of us.

What impact did your time as NAADD President have on you as a professional?
It confirmed my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work done by our NAADD and NACDA staffs in their day to day operations and the annual planning of our National Conferences. As the President of an affiliate association, you quickly understand the importance of coordination of staff and volunteers when managing a large multi-lateral organization. Our Cleveland staff does a first-class job of administering our respective association and programs.
During my year as NAADD President, I was blessed to have outstanding Board members and volunteers who put together our national conference programming. We were also fortunate to have Jason Galaska from our NAADD office to provide his leadership and guidance.

What is your fondest memory of serving as NAADD President?
An important memory for me is a framed certificate that is located on our home office wall. It was presented to the President of each of the NACDA affiliates in June 2006. It is signed by the New Orleans City Council members thanking NACDA/NAADD for being the first major convention in New Orleans -- post Hurricane Katrina.

How do you see NAADD progressing in the next five years? The next ten years?
I would anticipate membership will continue to grow slowly, however, several factors will determine it. The economy and the location of our National Conference are probably the two biggest reasons for our yearly growth or decline in NAADD membership. The costs of doing business will continue to stress budgets, so with that said, more folks will most likely be added to development staffs which means more potential NAADD memberships.

As our population base continues to grow older, I foresee more emphasis on such items as major gifts, endowments and estate gifts. If TV contracts start declining, which I think they may, and we experience a continued decrease in football attendance revenues, even the major conference schools will need to beef up their development efforts or make major cutbacks. Many schools continue to break ground on capital projects so the arms race is not over. The cost of intercollegiate athletics in today's world, for many schools, is far exceeding the available funds needed to balance their respective budgets. Debt financing is a short term fix at best. So back to the question, yes I foresee NAADD membership growing. As long as we have intercollegiate athletics NAADD will be an important part of the funding solution.

Be sure to check back next week, when NAADD will spotlight Ross Bjork, director of athletics at the University of Mississippi, who served as NAADD President in 2006-07.

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