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Past President Testimonials: Pat Ogle

Jan. 25, 2018

CLEVELAND - #NAADD25th: In honor of NAADD's 25 years of commitment to the development of collegiate athletics, NAADD will be featuring the full testimonials of Past Presidents throughout 2018.

There is no better place to start than at the beginning. Here is the full testimonial from January's featured Past President; NAADD's first President, Pat Ogle (1993-94).


Ogle graduated from Fresno State in 1965 and spent 17 years in television broadcasting as a sports editor, news anchor, reporter and producer. In January 1982, after returning to his alma mater, he took over as the executive director of the Bulldog Foundation's Annual Fund. His time at the Bulldog Foundation would be fruitful for not only Ogle's career, but Fresno State as well. Under Ogle's leadership the Bulldog Foundation's fund has grown in donations from $600,000 to over $4 million. With membership ticket benefits included, the BDF now administers annual memberships of $7.9 million. In 2002, Ogle was recognized for his service and dedication by being inducted into the Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame.

He stepped down from his role as executive director in 2009, when he was honored with the the Bulldog Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award. Today, he continues to serve Fresno State in his part-time role as a development officer for the Bulldog Foundation, while serving as a board member for the Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame.

As the NAADD President in 1993, Ogle helped usher in a new era for the Association as NAADD partnered with NACDA. In 2007, NAADD awarded Ogle with their most prestigious award, the Lifetime Achievement Award. Without the initial leadership of Ogle and others, NAADD's growth and success would not have been possible.

Here is what Pat had to say about NAADD:

1. Why should someone become a NAADD member?

Only if you support the mission statement that hasn't changed in 25 years! Yes, I did compare today's wording to the first brochure printed in 1993 and the purpose of NAADD remains serving athletics development professionals with a standard of excellence, a sharing of educational and development successes, and being part of a united platform of opinion on the key issues facing collegiate athletics.

2. What has NAADD meant to you?

Spinning off something I read: NAADD is the friends met along the way that helped me appreciate the journey and life in NAADD was meant for good friends and great adventures together. Thank you NAADD from your first president!

3. What impact did your time as NAADD President have on you as a professional?

It was the 1993 charter year of NAADD after four prior years of having a NACDA sponsored workshop for development leaders. So many roots to start planting as our "own national organization". Our charter team got me energized not just for the sake of the new organization but also in my service to The Bulldog Foundation and Fresno State. They shared vigor and zeal that has served me well for 37 years in this business.

4. What is your fondest memory of serving as NAADD President?

Working alongside that first team of charter officers and executive committee members in making a dream become reality. THANK YOU Officers Sheila Strike-Smith, Mark Dienhart, Perk Weisenburger and Executive Committee members Mitch Barnhart, Archie Griffin, Sam Kiefer, Tom Sanders, Doug Smith and Jack Thompson. Our colleague, friend and liaison from the NACDA staff, Matt Wolfert, was instrumental in handling most of the detail work.

5. How do you see NAADD progressing in the next five years? Next ten years?

Well, let's do the math! The 25 year growth rate from 181 charter members in 1993 to 1,500 currently is 55 new members per year. That's 275 more members in 5 years and 550 in 10 years making a total of over 2,000 athletic development professionals utilizing and serving NAADD by 2028. And, who can guess the number of men and women who will transition from athletic development to athletic director in that time? NAADD membership and athletic development has become a key stepping stone to the top rung of athletic collegiate administration and into the private sector!

Be sure to check back in February, when NAADD will spotlight Mark Dienhart, President/CEO of the Richard M. Schulze Foundation, who serve as association President in 1995-96.

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