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NAADD Diversity Initiative Program

Jan. 7, 2010

2010 marks the fourth year of the NAADD Diversity Initiative which offers convention scholarships to minority and female fundraisers involved in our organization.

NAADD is committed to creating and reinforcing an inclusive environment in which opportunities for networking and professional development are fostered and nurtured.

Program Goals:

• Increase career opportunities for minority and female administrators through education, training and leadership development.

• Broaden career exposure by providing information and resources.

• Strengthen the effectiveness and success of NAADD by expanding the pipeline of future leaders.

• Serve as a conduit for under-represented professionals to establish a network of peers.

• Maximize the inclusion of all athletics development professionals regardless of the size of the institutions staff or budget.

• Increase the value-added opportunities and resources that result from knowing and understanding the similarities and differences of our members and our institutional benefactors.

• Establish NAADD as a leader in fostering the development of diverse fundraising professional.

We are pleased to announce the 2010 Diversity Initiative Program to enable attendance at the 2010 Anaheim Convention which will be held June 22-25, 2010.

Program Guidelines:

The ideal applicant expresses a high degree of motivation and promise and is from an institution with limited resources for staff development.

To be eligible for consideration the following criteria must be met:

• At the time of applying, applicants must be current members of NAADD and be employed full-time.

• Acceptance of a scholarship requires that the applicant commit to participating in the Fundamentals of Athletics Development (FOAD) and the mentoring breakfast and lunch.



*Applications will be accepted from qualified individuals in the central development office if your institution does not have an athletics development office and you are responsible for athletics fundraising.*

Evaluation Criteria:

In addition to submitting a current resume, scholarship applicants are evaluated through essay responses. Important factors include career goals, NAADD involvement and institutional financial need. Specifically, this scholarship is designed for women and minority administrators who are interested in advancing their career in the athletics development.

Scholarship applications are reviewed by the diversity sub-committee comprised of select executive committee members and members of the NACDA staff.


The scholarship winner will receive a $750 stipend which is designated for convention related expenses (hotel, travel etc). Applicants must accept the award and register for the Convention by May 24, 2010.

*Mentoring: Scholarship recipients will be matched with current NAADD leaders for ongoing relationship building and mentoring.

*By request only

To be considered for the NAADD Diversity Initiative Scholarship, please submit your completed application and required documents by March 31, 2010 via e-mail to Jason Galaska, NACDA Assistant Executive Director @ (jgalaska@nacda.com). Click here to view the application form!

See You in Anaheim!

Julie Hall
Associate Athletics Director
University of California Riverside
NAADD Diversity Committee Chair