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NAAC Insider - Kevin Price

March 31, 2010

NAAC Insider

Take a moment and get to know Kevin Price, Associate Athletics Director for Compliance at Baylor University.

Name: Kevin Price
Institution/Organization: Baylor University
Title: Associate Athletics Director for Compliance
Number of years in Compliance: 17
Alma Mater(s): UC-Berkeley
Hometown: Walnut Creek, California
Office email address: Kevin_Price@Baylor.edu

Why have you become involved with NAAC: I believe in the over-arching mission of creating a support network for compliance folks as well as having an organization to encourage and promote career development and advancement.
Biggest challenge to working in athletics: Funding.
Most important skill for a compliance staff member: Patience.
Favorite part about working in compliance: Promoting honesty and integrity on a daily basis.
Best advice you were ever given: Conduct yourself with class even in the most confrontational of situations.
Most influential person in your career and why: God - he's the only one between me and the unemployment line.
Dream job and why: Head Golf Coach - coach 5 people in the best sport in the world.
Hidden talent: Unbelievably, I'm not too bad at golf.
One item you cannot live without: My putter.
Four people you would like to have dinner with and why:  Jesus, Moses, Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush - all for the purposes of discussing the burdens of leadership.
What you see yourself doing upon retirement from athletics: I'm pretty sure I won't make it to retirement ... I'm certain a heart attack is in my future given all the stress of my job.
If you could attend one sporting event this year, what would it be? The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia.
Personal motto: "Do it, do it right, do it right now."

Sports memory: Being present for "The Play" in 1982 when Cal ran through the Stanford band to victory.
Movie I've seen this year: Up.
Music group/artist: Roger Daltrey.
Gift I've received: Health.
Television show:  Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Childhood toy: Star Wars figures ... back in the day when Star Wars was in the actual movie theaters.
Mid-afternoon snack: Life saver - wintergreen.