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NAAC Announces New Mission Statement and Requests New Logo Feedback

Feb. 7, 2018

The National Association for Athletics Compliance (NAAC) has undergone a myriad of changes since its inception in 1997, when we were known as the National Association of Athletics Compliance Coordinators (NAACC).  As our organization has evolved, we felt it was time to reassess our mission statement and logo.  Following extensive discussion, the NAAC Board of Directors updated and streamlined NAAC’s mission statement and created guiding principles that better reflect NAAC in its current form.  NAAC now seeks your help in determining the final look of a representative logo!

Please take a moment to review NAAC’s updated mission statement and guiding principles prior to voting on our new logo. 

Mission Statement

NAAC’s mission is to develop and advance strategic leaders who promote integrity, ethics and fairness in college athletics and higher education.

Guiding Principles

  1. Promote and uphold the professional ethical standards within intercollegiate athletics.
  2. Create meaningful education, collaboration, and professional development opportunities that empower athletics compliance professionals.
  3. Provide strategic counsel to campus, conference and national athletics leaders.
  4. Grow the leadership presence of compliance professionals.
  5. Identify and foster discussion about relevant industry issues and trends.



Behind the Logo Design Options
The current NAAC logo has been in use since 2008 and it is time for us to move away from the scales of justice as our profession has evolved greatly and stands for so much more.  Please take the time to weigh in and select the logo and color scheme that best represents our great association!  The logo that receives the highest vote total will be unveiled as our new logo in the weeks leading up to the 2018 NAAC Convention (#NAAC18)!

All Logo Options

The color blue remains a constant from our past logo in all versions, as it is associated with the feelings of trust, security and order.

Logo Options #1 & #2

  • Curved arcs depict strength, shelter and security.
  • Expanded sides convey the growing reach of our organization and profession.
  • Absence of straight lines and open ends demonstrates a flexibility and openness to new thoughts and ideas of the organization and membership.

Logo Options #3 & #4

  • The acronym NAAC resting above a single bar depicts the organization standing above the bar in relation to the standards of integrity, ethics and fairness.
  • Clean and clear design is representative of the detail and organization within the compliance profession.
  • A thick single line demonstrates strength, while a horizontal line represents stability, security and the absence of conflict.
Vote here for your favorite logo today!