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Association Report: A recap from the NACDA Mid-Winter Meetings

Feb. 7, 2012

The Minority Opportunities Athletic Association (MOAA) provides opportunities to exchange ideas, advocate increased participation and administrative opportunities for minorities in athletics. The MOAA also promotes generating a sports culture that supports the values necessary to teach and learn respect for self and others.

Membership Update

  • Thus far for the 2011-12 academic year, MOAA currently stands at approximately 240 members, which is well ahead of where the Association was at this point last year (up 50 memberships), and close to the final membership number from the 2010-11 membership year.
  • This year, the MOAA Board of Directors has geared their focus toward the implementation of a standard committee structure.
  • The following committees have been put in place: Awards, Membership Development, Symposium Planning, Sponsorship, Communications/PR, Legislative/Advocation, Division II Initiatives, Division III Initiatives and Strategic Plan.
  • Each committee is chaired or co-chaired by MOAA Board members with support from other Board members or volunteers from the membership.
  • For the third year in a row, MOAA hosted a membership reception during the NCAA National Convention.  This year's reception was very well attended and awareness of the Association's mission, purpose and educational offerings are coming to the forefront for minority and majority administrators.
  • Board of Directors continues to discuss ways to enhance member benefits and various opportunities to have continuous educational training throughout the year.

MOAA/NCAA Division II Grant Initiative

  • MOAA and NCAA Division II have continued their partnership to award grants to minority administrators to attend the MOAA Symposium, NACDA Convention and NCAA Division II Governance Academy.  This will be the fourth year for the program.  Since its inception, just under 60 minority administrators in Division II have taken advantage of the grant opportunity.

2012 MOAA Symposium

  • In light of the current issues and state of our industry, the MOAA Symposium Planning Committee has decided, with the support of the Board of Directors, that the theme of this year's Symposium will be "Navigating the Three "C's" - Crisis, Competition & Change."   Session topics will include: How the media portrays minorities in athletics; Presidential perspectives on current issues in college athletics; Staying competitive and relevant in an ever-changing industry; Managing and regulating social media and the four cornerstones of career advancement.
  • After carefully reviewing the financial analysis from past Symposiums, the Board of Directors also decided that it was in the best interest of the Association to slightly increase the registration fees.  For 2012, the registration fee will increase by $25.  The Board also opted to add an additional category to the registration which would include the luncheon and keynote address only.

Other major points of emphasis

  • At the beginning of the 2010-11 membership year, MOAA made a conscious effort to more effectively fulfill the advocacy portion of its mission statement.  Led by the direction of MOAA President Sean Frazier, the Board actively researched institutions that were beginning athletics director searches and sent letters to the presidents of the institutions to promote and encourage positive dialogue concerning the inclusion of minority candidates in the search process.  To date, MOAA has sent 45 letters and has received very positive feedback following receipt of the letters from the leadership of the respective institutions. Additionally, the MOAA Legislative/Advocation Committee has been paying particular attention to the new pieces of legislation being considered by the various governing bodies and has collectively voiced their opinion on behalf of the Association and its constituents.
  • In partnership with the NCAA, MOAA has announced a new award for diversity and inclusion.  The concept of this award came out of a common goal to bring awareness to institutions, athletics departments and/or conference offices that embrace diversity and inclusion.  The Award for Diversity and Inclusion will recognize and celebrate the initiatives, policies and practices of various entities that encourage diversity and inclusion across the intercollegiate athletics community.  The award will be presented annually beginning at the 2013 NCAA Convention and award winners will be invited to participate during educational sessions at the MOAA Symposium.
  • Due to the success of the Division II partnership, MOAA has been in discussions with the Division III leadership to institute a similar type of professional development program and educational workshop for both minority and majority administrators alike.  This program would likely be conducted in two different phases - the first would be similar to the structure of the Division II grant program where minority administrators in Division III would have the opportunity to attend a specialized workshop which will explore the opportunities that exist within the Division's governance structure; and the second would be an educational and training program for those professionals that are in a position to make hiring decisions.
  • At their meeting in conjunction with this year's NCAA Convention, the MOAA Board of Directors hosted Dr. Jerlando Jackson, Professor at the University of Wisconsin and Director of Wisconsin's Equity & Inclusion Laboratory.  Dr. Jackson proposed a partnership with MOAA to develop and implement a type of minority athletics administrator study.  This longitudinal study would be research based and would allow MOAA to reach out to institutions to discuss ways in which our industry can increase administrative opportunities for minorities in athletics.
  • Keeping with the trend in social media, MOAA recently created their own Facebook page to communicate various Association events and benefits and to promote positive dialogue between members.