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MOAA Member Monday - Dr. Jerlando Jackson

Jan. 22, 2018

Dr. Jerlando Jackson - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Why did you join MOAA?
My research laboratory, Wisconsin's Equity & Inclusion Laboratory, entered into a partnership to study and examine hiring practices for administrators in intercollegiate athletics.

Name something about you most people don't know.
I worked one year as an academic study hall monitor for freshmen on the Football team at Auburn University.

If you hadn’t chosen a profession in athletics, what would your profession be?

What is one of the greatest aspects of being involved in athletics?
I appreciate the opportunities that I had as an Athletic Board member to bridge the work of main campus and the athletic department.

What is the theme song playing in your head when you have to get something tough done?
WAKE UP EVERYBODY - Original Version (Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes)

If you could spend one day with a sports figure, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?
James Winkfield (April 12, 1882 - March 23, 1974) was a Thoroughbred jockey and horse trainer from Kentucky, best remembered as the last African American to ride a winner in the Kentucky Derby.

What is your favorite movie? Why?
Lean on Me. I greatly appreciated the commitment to the lives and education of the young and under-privileged youth, and that it is based on a true story.

What is the last thing someone has come back and thanked you for professionally?
Thanked me for providing authentic feedback, which allowed them to re-calibrate their work ethic and career expectations.

Best thing your mentor told you?
Trust yourself, you know what you are doing

Fill in the blank: I wished I would have_______.

About MOAA: MOAA promotes equitable employment opportunities for minorities in the athletics industry through the exchange of ideas, the creation of networking opportunities and the advocation of an increase in employment for minorities in athletics administration positions at all levels of the sports industry. The Association also promotes cultivating a sports environment that supports the values necessary to accept aspiring professionals from all walks of life. For more information on MOAA, please visit www.moaaweb.com.  MOAA is partnered with the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA), which is in its 53rd year. For more information on NACDA and the 17 professional associations that fall under its umbrella, please visit www.nacda.com.