Colorado State University Honored for Athletics and Campus Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
Colorado State University has earned the NCAA and Minority Opportunities Athletic Association's Award for Diversity and Inclusion for its efforts to promote diversity and foster a culture and environment of inclusion on campus. (more)

December 2014 MOAA Corner
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NCAA Women of Color &shy; Perceived Barriers in College Coaching and Administration Survey
Now, the NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee with support from the NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics has recommended conducting an advancement study to take a comprehensive look into women of color who currently hold positions as athletics administrators or coaches. (more)

MOAA Founders' Grant Application Deadline: December 1
The Minority Opportunities Athletic Association (MOAA) has launched the Second Annual MOAA Founders' Grant to assist members with their attendance to professional development opportunities including but not limited to the NACDA & Affiliates Convention Week. (more)

November 2014 MOAA Corner
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MOAA Adds Two Members to the 2014-15 Board of Directors
The members of the Minority Opportunities Athletic Association (MOAA) welcome two new members to their Board of Directors, Cal State Northridge Director of Athletics Brandon Martin, and Albany State University Director of Athletics Richard Williams, effective immediately. (more)

October 2014 MOAA Corner
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MOAA Announces Inaugural Rudy Keeling Postgraduate Scholarship Recipient
The Minority Opportunities Athletic Association (MOAA) is pleased to announce Andrea Williams, associate commissioner of football and basketball operations at the Big Ten Conference, as the inaugural Rudy Keeling Scholarship recipient. (more)

Sean T. Frazier Named 2014 MOAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient
The Minority Opportunities Athletic Association (MOAA) announced Past President and Associate Vice President/Director of Athletics at Northern Illinois University (NIU) Sean T. Frazier as the 2014 MOAA Distinguished Service Award recipient, for his dedication in promoting the understanding and appreciation of diversity. (more)

June 2014 MOAA Corner
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MOAA February Member Profile
<br><strong>David Thurkill, Assistant Athletic Director/Senior Compliance Officer, Lincoln University-Missouri</strong>

MOAA Supports BCA in Football Hiring Process

MOAA Supports BCA in Football Hiring Process