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2012 ICLA Winter Symposium Presentations

March 27, 2012

Sourcing and Manufacturing Cotton
Presnted By: Deborah Beggan (JanSport), Jenny Hostettler (JanSport) and Greg Visconti (VESI Sportswear)

Building a Rivalry Tradition
Presented By: Eric Rickabaugh (Rickabaugh Graphics) and Dale Arens (University of Iowa)

Managing Your Brand from a Professional Sports Perspective
Presented By: Bob Hyde (Utah Jazz)

How to Help Your Bookstore Compete
Presented By: Chad Sims (Sportswear) and Earl Clegg (University of Utah)

Women's Apparel
Part 1, Part 2
Presented By:
Elizabeth Turley (Meesh & Mia), Doug Murphy (Oxford America) and Danny Gee (Oxford America)