West Chester
First Name Last Name Sport 
Nicholas Spisak baseball
Matthew  Casey cross country
Patrick  Gallo football
Corey  Rhood football
Peter Braun tennis
William Ensor tennis
Michael Delany track and field
Shane Neal track and field
Thomas Pearson track and field
Janelle Garber basketball
Katherine Hirschler basketball
Catherine Kline basketball
Jessica Lyn Joseph cross country
Kristie Kershaw cross country
Kristie Motyka cross country
Catherine Baskin field hockey
Abbie  Derr field hockey
Lauren Dubois field hockey
Brittney Harding field hockey
Jessica  Nellis field hockey
Bethany Wong field hockey
Amanda Wynkoop field hockey
Courtney Kling golf
Sarah Lussier golf
Jenna Ciatto gymnastics
Stephanie Clark gymnastics
Gina DiDomenicis lacrosse
Jennifer Forney lacrosse
Mary Beth Green lacrosse
Kimberlee Hachen lacrosse
Jennifer Ingram lacrosse
Allison Livelsberger lacrosse
Gabrielle Stitz lacrosse
Lauren Tatios lacrosse
Mary   Bocchino rugby
Stephanie Burkhardt rugby
Susan Dake rugby
Michelle Kirk rugby
Chantelle  Lessard-Chaudoin rugby
Daisy Ling rugby
Jessica Santora rugby
Beverly Schmitz rugby
Tara Colantuono softball
Meghan Halberstadt softball
Kristin McCoy softball
Brittany Rees softball
Ashley Saussaman softball
Bria Scheb softball
Lauren Boyer soccer
Danielle Curry soccer
Christiana Angstadt swimming
Meghan McIntyre swimming
Sarah Miller swimming
Samantha Phillips swimming
Jennifer Scott swimming
Rose Conwell tennis
Katherine Edwards tennis
Jessica Trahey tennis
Megan Fritchman track and field
Stephanie Harris track and field
Mara Lentsch track and field
Megan Fidler volleyball
Karly Lotkowski volleyball
Kelly Wrobel volleyball
Ashley Zeck volleyball