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Annual Meeting Minutes

Division I-AAA Athletics Directors Association

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Annual Meeting

Wyndham Anatole Hotel ¡V Dallas, Texas

1. Meeting Called To Order - Mike Moore, President, Indiana U.-Purdue U.-Indianapolis

2. Introductions - Members in Attendance: Please see attached listing

3. Approval of June 14, 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes MOTION: Mike Moore (IUPUI) Seconded: Jim Schaus (Wichita State) ALL IN FAVOR

4. Financial/Membership Update ¡V Ken Kavanagh, Treasurer, Bradley University

Financial Statement Attached (For the period January 1 ¡V April 30, 2004)

Cash on Hand of $40,468.81 ($31,568.96 on 4/30/03)

For ¡¥03-¡¦04 we had 74 out of 89 Institutions and 6 of 8 Commissioners as Paid Members (compared to 62 of 88 and 3 Commissioners in ¡¥02-¡¦03)

This is still a continued GREAT result given our goal for the first year in 2000 -01 was 50 Paid Members and in comparison to active participation of I-A and I-AA.

With the addition of East Tennessee State, Longwood, Siena and St. Mary¡¦s (CA), we will have a minimum of 93 institutions for the coming year.

Expressed goal to still get all eight I-AAA Commissioners as paid members for ¡¥04-¡¦05. More importantly, to get them actively engaged with the mission of our organization.

5. Legislative Update ¡V Cheryl Levick, First Vice-President, Santa Clara University

Introduced Chuck Smrt of The Compliance Group (TCG), Kansas City, MO

The Executive Committee has proposed to continue to contract TCG¡¦s services on a year-to-year basis. Serving as a liaison to our Association, their regular ¡§I-AAA Legislative Headlines¡¨ newsletter continues to be positively received with its updates on issues that affect institutions within our membership. TCG continues to remain a resource on who to contact at the NCAA (Chuck previously oversaw the NCAA Enforcement Staff).

Purpose for utilizing TCG: 1) to become a player in the Governance Structure most feel disenfranchised from 2) instill a perception that other segments of the NCAA matter and that legislation just does not impact I-A institutions

MOTION made by Mark Pope (IUPU-Ft. Wayne), Seconded by Dan Viola (Texas A&M-CC) to maintain an agreement with The Compliance Group on a year-to-year basis for $250 per month ($3000 annually). ALL IN FAVOR

Discussed recent ManCo meeting highlights and other items of interest:

Please note the attachment labeled ¡§Discussion Topics¡¨

As done in the past, general consensus remained strong that our I-AAA Association should ¡§go public¡¨ with a unified position on our beliefs in regards to potential sweeping changes that could significantly impact our programs in a detrimental manner as was witnessed with the ¡§5/8 Rule¡¨ and the possibility of eliminating Exempted Tournaments.

MOTIONS were made to oppose any movement from the five official visits in basketball, reducing the 48-hour window on such recruiting trips, and to maintain the ability to print Media Guides (supports the current NCAA Academic/Eligibility/Compliance Cabinet position on guides). Initiated by Pete Carlon (Texas-Arlington), Seconded by Bruce Rasmussen (Creighton)

ALL IN FAVOR ¡V correspondence will be forwarded by President Levick

6. Standing Committees Updates ¡V

Legislative Review Committee: consists of six (6) members to filter through the legislative matters relevant to inform the I-AAA Association membership and to solicit support for ¡§block voting¡¨ on these key issues. Positions filled, whenever possible, by current or former Management Council (ManCo) Representatives. An Officer or Executive Committee Member currently serving on the MANCO Chairs the Committee.

Mike Moore (IUPUI ¡V Mid Continent Conference) is the Chair for 2004-05

Other I-AAA member Management Council reps: Peg Bradley-Doppes (UNC-Wilmington), Bob Driscoll (Providence), Cheryl Levick (St. Louis), Lee Reed (Cleveland State), John Suarez (LIU-Brooklyn), Alison Sexton (Fairfield) and Sandra Taylor (Manhattan).

Scholar-Athlete Team Committee: consists of nine (9) members who develop criteria for selection, establish deadlines for nominations and oversee the distribution of awards and publicity. This body is chaired by an Executive Committee member and displays geographic distribution amongst its members.

Pat Meiser-McKnett (Hartford - America East) is the Chair again for 2004-05

We had a relatively good second year with the program with twenty male and thirty-seven female nominations ¡V compared to twenty and thirty-four respectively in 2003. However, we still hope to generate applications from more member institutions in the coming years (thirty of seventy-four members submitted at least one nominee). It was noted the change to limit institutions to no more than two nominees per gender was helpful. The Committee again elected ten member squads for both genders and the individual with the highest vote total was chosen the I-AAA Scholar-Athlete of the Year for each team. Fourteen (14) institutions were represented amongst those selected. Each honoree received a plaque ¡V their institution received a second one for display purposes. Honorable Mention was accorded to those nominees that were named on at least half of the ballots that did not finish within the top ten. President Moore forwarded a letter of recognition to those in this category. Discussion ensued on possible enhancements to the process.

Pat expressed a hope that future voting will place greater emphasis on upperclassmen ¡V given that they have demonstrated themselves academically for a more sustained period. Also, committee member Gary Cunningham (UCSB) requested that we add more room and on the application for additional academic and general information to assist discerning between the candidates.

Lifetime Achievement Award Committee ¡V consists of nine (9) members who develop criteria for selection, establish deadlines for nominations and oversee the distribution of awards and publicity. This body is chaired by an Executive Committee member and displays geographic distribution amongst its members (no more than one representative from a single conference, with a minimum of four members of active I-AAA conferences). Annual appointments should be made by no later than March 1 of each calendar year and are made by the Chair, in consultation with the I-AAA President.

Ken Kavanagh (Bradley ¡V Missouri Valley Conference) is the Chair for 2004-05

Ken brought forth a recommendation from the Committee regarding the qualifications for the Association¡¦s annual presentation of this honor commencing at our 2005 Annual Meeting in Orlando. Honorees will be individuals who are paid members, retirees, or individuals who were in ¡§good standing¡¨ upon their departure from their most recent I-AAA institution. The recipient must have worked a minimum of fifteen years as a Director of Athletics and twenty-years or more within the field of intercollegiate athletics. Also, the nominees need to either be from an Active Member institution or, if retired, were in such standing when they departed their most recent I-AAA program.


It was voted: To accept the slate of nominated officers for the 2004-05 academic year.

President: Cheryl Levick (St. Louis University) First Vice-President: Pete Carlon (University of Texas-Arlington) Second Vice-President: Pat Meiser-McKnett (University of Hartford) Third Vice-President: Lee Reed (Cleveland State University) Secretary: Jack McDonald (Quinnipiac University) Treasurer: Ken Kavanagh (Bradley University) Past-President: Mike Moore (Indiana U. ¡V Purdue U. - Indianapolis)

Gary Cunningham (UC-Santa Barbra) - Moved Motion Stan Williamson (Campbell University) - Seconded the Motion; ALL IN FAVOR

Mike Moore was presented a clock in appreciation for his assumption of the Presidential Gavel in the third year of our Association.

It was voted: To accept the slate of nominated trustees for the 2004-05 academic year Trustees Nominated: See attached listing

Ken Kavanagh (Bradley University) - Moved Motion Mike Moore (I.U.P.U.I.) - Seconded the Motion ALL IN FAVOR

Ken will update and distribute the ¡§I-AAA Institutional Contact Tree¡¨ (copy attached) which assigns to various Executive Committee members ¡§constituent institutions¡¨ within all of I-AAA. This is an attempt to enhance communication to all paid members and to encourage those not yet on Board to join our ranks.


,,h Men¡¦s Basketball Exempted Event legislation - still no answer as it remains in Court - the NCAA has a stay on the lawsuit brought forth by the various exempted event organizers ¡V expected July decision. - concerns still exists about NCAA losing another anti-trust case versus those worried about the power conferences securing all the desirable exempted tourney slots. I-AAA Association consensus was to continue to SUPPORT limiting restrictions on the events given the proliferation of new tournaments (some providing ¡§4 for 1¡¨ exemptions) and the critical opportunities these games provide to upset power conference foes on neutral floors.

,,h Website ¡V Reminder about our I-AAA Website (includes updated information on Committees, TCG Newsletters, Association Calendar, Meeting Minutes, and other I-AAA activities and other items of interest). Please share any ideas that you might have to improve our page.

,,h Compensation Survey ¡V Last conducted in October, 2002 (44 respondents), it was felt that this was a useful tool and worth doing again this year. Ken Kavanagh offered to coordinate this process once again. It includes detailing standard compensation packages within our Division (salaries, benefits, length of contracts, etc.). Results will be made available on our I-AAA Website (www.nacda.ocsn.com). Hopefully by early Spring.

,,h I-AAA All Sports Trophy ¡V In light of the fact that it is unrealistic for any institution within our Association to have the resources to contend for the current NACDA version that is dominated by I-A programs, a recommendation was made at our 2003 annual meeting to develop such recognition for our membership. Continued discussion demonstrated interest in such a possibility but to do so while working within the existing NACDA structure. Mike Carter (Oral Roberts) chaired an ad hoc subcommittee that supported creating such a I-AAA recognition. Mike Moore (IUPUI) attended the NACDA Winter Meetings and relayed that their Executive Committee expressed concern over our starting our own program (different set of rankings).

It was voted: To award an annual I-AAA All Sports Trophy to the member institution that is ranked highest within the annual NACDA Standings. Such presentation would be made at our annual meeting.

Bruce Rassmussen (Creighton University) - Moved Motion Stan Williamson (Campbell University.) - Seconded the Motion PASSED (18-2)


I-AAA Meeting with MBB Basketball Coaches ¡V Jim Jarrett (ODU) and Tom Shupe (VCU) relayed that Dick Sander (VCU) is initiating a reception with Assistant MBB Coaches in Las Vegas in late July to develop opportunities to get to know these potential future head coaching candidates. He is also generating discussion within the I-AAA ranks to address concerns stemming from ¡§Mid Majoritis¡¨ (labeling of programs that is considered unappealing to some) and other ¡§Hot Topics¡¨. An open invitation exists. In turn, the membership invites Dick to share his results to the entire membership in the near future.

Sponsorship/Marketing Committee ¡V Discussion ensued over whether or not it would be of assistance to create such a body to deal with potential opportunities for our Association (i.e., sponsors for our Scholar-Athlete Team, Lifetime Achievement and All Sports Trophy Awards that could defray our overhead and/or enhance visibility of our initiatives). It was recommended that this be further discussed wit the Executive Committee.


It was determined that the 2005 NCAA Convention would be not necessitate a Meeting due to expected low attendance from our membership. Instead, a Social will be held for attendees.

NCAA Convention Social TBA, January 9-13, 2005 Dallas, TX NACDA ¡V Annual Meeting Saturday, June 12, 2005 Orlando, FL

Future NACDA Conventions ¡V Gary Cunningham (UCSB) is on NACDA¡¦s Long Range Planning Committee and confirmed that these are their goals as well. Future Conventions Orlando (2005), New Orleans (2006) and Dallas (2008). The destination for 2007 has yet to be decided.

Participants (23): 20 institutions

Pete Carlon - University of Texas, Arlington AD Gary Cunningham - University of California, Santa Barbara AD Gene Doris - Fairfield University AD Mike Hermann ¡V Niagara University AD Lynn Hickey ¡V University of Texas, San Antonio AD Virnette House-Browning ¡V Bradley University Sr. Assoc. AD Mike Jacobsen - Utah Valley State University AD Jim Jarrett - Old Dominion University AD Ken Kavanagh - Bradley University AD Jean Lenti-Ponsetto ¡V DePaul University AD Cheryl Levick ¡V Santa Clara University AD Pat Meiser-McKnett ¡V University of Hartford AD Mike Moore - Indiana U.-Purdue U.-Indianapolis AD Pat Murphy ¡V Fairfield University Assoc. AD Mark Pope ¡V Indiana U.-Purdue U.-Fort Wayne AD Bruce Rassmussen, Creighton University AD Valerie Richardson ¡V University of California, Santa Barbara Assoc. AD Jim Schaus - Wichita State University AD Tom Shupe - Virginia Commonwealth University Assoc. AD Joel Thirer ¡V Binghamton University AD Dan Viola - University of Texas A&M, Corpus Christi AD Larry Williams ¡V University of Portland AD Stan Williamson - Campbell University AD

Guests (3): John D¡¦Argenio - Siena College AD Rick Mazzuto ¡V Longwood University AD Chuck Smrt, The Compliance Group