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U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup Changes

Nov. 1, 2006

U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup Changes

Cleveland, Ohio - The following changes were made to the U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup scoring system for the 2006-07 year.

Program Philosophy
The committee adjusted the philosophy of the program to read as follows - A program that honors institutions maintaining a broad-based program, achieving success in many sports, both men's and women's, in which all sports that the NCAA or NAIA offers a championship, along with Division I-A football, and all student-athletes that compete in those sports, are treated equally.

Value by Sport
Based on the adoption of the above philosophy, the committee reinstated all sports in which the NCAA or NAIA offers a championship, along with Division I-A football, to full scoring values. This means that for all sports that meet the above criteria, first place is worth 100 points.

Track and Field
The committee decided that in order to match the philosophy, both indoor and outdoor track and field will count in the standings

Top 100
The committee also decided to rescind the ranking of only the top 100 institutions per division. Moving forward, all colleges and universities that receive points in the standings will be ranked on NACDA's Web site.

Division I-A Football
The following breakdown will be used:
1st place - 1-25 using the USA Today poll, point breakdown as it is currently.
26th place - Bowl game winners not ranked in poll (45 points)
NAP - Bowl game losers not ranked in the poll (25 points)

2006-07 Directors' Cup Release Dates

Division I Division II Division III NAIA
Fall 1 11/30 11/22 11/22 11/30
Fall 2 12/14 12/7 12/7 12/14
Fall 3 12/28      
Final Fall 1/11 12/21 12/21 12/28
Winter 1 3/22 3/15 3/15 3/22
Winter 2 4/5      
Winter 3 4/12      
Final Winter 4/26 3/29 3/29 4/5
Spring 1 5/31 5/24 5/24 5/31
Spring 2 6/8      
Final 6/28 6/8 6/8 6/8

Questions or comments concerning the overall program and its administration should be directed to Bob Vecchione in the NACDA office at 440/892-4000, while questions or comments concerning scoring mechanics should be directed to Brian Horning or Julie Work.

The Sports Academy Directors' Cup was developed as a joint effort between the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) and USA Today. The United States Sports Academy, based in Daphne, Alabama, is the program sponsoring. Points are awarded based on each institution's finish in up to 18 sports -- nine women's and nine men's.

NACDA, now in its 42nd year, NACDA is the professional and educational association for more than 6,100 college athletics administrators at more than 1,600 institutions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. More than 2,000 athletics administrators annually attend the NACDA Convention. Additionally, NACDA administers 10 professional associations for the separate business units that report directly to the athletics director.