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U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup Winners Announced at Awards Luncheon

June 11, 2008

Dallas, Texas - It's a three-peat in the U. S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup, as the same institutions in Division I, II and III, and also the NAIA will take home at least their third consecutive Directors' Cup. The winners were honored at the Directors' Cup Awards Luncheon sponsored by Collegiate Images on June 11 in conjunction with the 43rd annual NACDA Convention in Dallas.

Tom O'Toole of USA Today had a few opening remarks on the way things shook out in the 2007-08 standings.

"While we had no change at the top, we nonetheless have plenty of schools with plenty to celebrate," he said. "Whether it's a top-30, top-20, top-10, or second place, everyone can be proud."

Although the Division I race will not conclude until June 25 following the baseball and men's and women's track and field championships, Stanford has clinched its unprecedented 14th consecutive Directors' Cup. The Cardinal currently have a total of 1419 points after placing in 21 postseason championships and earning points in the maximum of 10 women's sports and nine men's sports. Stanford boasted an impressive 12 top-five finishes this season, taking home the women's cross country championship, placing second in women's volleyball, women's basketball, men's gymnastics, and men's golf, third in men's and women's swimming, women's gymnastics, women's water polo, and fifth in women's indoor track and field and women's tennis. Stanford also finished seventh in men's indoor track and field, eighth in fencing, ninth in women's soccer, softball and men's basketball, 17th in men's tennis and 19th in men's cross country wrestling.

"We are truly blessed to have world class athletes and tremendous coaches," said Bob Bowlsby, director of athletics at Stanford. "It looks like we will have eight coaches involved in our U.S. Olympic teams and probably approaching 30-35 student-athletes competing."

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Despite not earning a single individual championship, Grand Valley State captured the Division II Cup with 1028.75 total points. The Lakers placed in 17 postseason championships, earning points in the maximum of seven men's and seven women's sports. Grand Valley State finished third in women's cross country, women's soccer, football, women's golf, fourth in men's cross country, men's indoor track and field, and fifth in women's volleyball and men's basketball. The Lakers also placed sixth in men's outdoor track and field and women's indoor track and field, eighth in women's outdoor track and field, 14th in men's golf, 16th in women's swimming and 17th in men's tennis.

"On behalf of Grand Valley State University, I am proud to represent the Lakers in winning our fifth straight Directors' Cup," said Grand Valley State Director of Athletics, Tim Selgo.

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Williams (Mass.) secured it's 10th consecutive Division III Director's Cup after amassing 19 postseason finishes this season, earning points in the maximum of nine men's and nine women's sports for a total of 1120.25 points. The Ephs took home the women's tennis and women's rowing championships and placed fifth in men's and women's swimming and men's tennis. Williams also placed eighth in women's golf, ninth in men's and women's soccer, women's indoor track and field, women's lacrosse, and 10th in men's cross country. Other finishes for the Ephs were 13th in men's outdoor track and field, 14th in women's cross country and skiing, 17th in women's volleyball, 24th in men's golf, 33rd in men's indoor track and field and 47th in wrestling.

"Some of the very best teaching on my campus happens at 4:00, and we call that practice," said Harry Sheehy, director of athletics at Williams. "Fields, rinks, and courts are filled with some of the very best teachers at our institution, and I'm proud to work at a place that recognizes those people as teachers first and foremost."

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In the NAIA, Azusa Pacific earned the Directors' Cup after placing in 14 postseason championships and earning points in the maximum of six men's and six women's sports. The Cougars earned three individual championships, taking the titles in men's soccer and men's indoor and outdoor track and field. Azusa Pacific also placed second in women's indoor track and field and women's soccer, third in men's tennis, fourth in women's outdoor track and field, fifth in men's basketball and women's tennis, sixth in women's cross country, seventh in baseball and 58th in women's volleyball.

"[The Directors' Cup] makes spring a real exciting time of the year when you can go and look at the points and see if it's a possibility," said Azusa's Director of Athletics, Bill Odell.

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Robert Smith of ESPN, luncheon emcee and former running back at Ohio State University and the Minnesota Vikings, wrapped things up by adding a few comments stemming from the time he has spent in college athletics.

"People often introduce me as a former Buckeye, and that's fine, but you're never a former Buckeye," he said. "You're never a former Cardinal, and you're never even a former Michigan Wolverine, because great pride comes from being involved in college athletics."

The U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup was developed as a joint effort between the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) and USA Today. The United States Sports Academy, based in Daphne, Alabama, is the program's sponsor.