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DI and NAIA Learfield Sports Directors' Cup Standings Released

May 29, 2014

Complete Division I Standings

Complete NAIA Standings

Titles Propel Duke to Second in Spring Standings for 2013-14 DI Learfield Sports Directors' Cup;
Strong Spring Surges Embry-Riddle (Fla.) in NAIA Standings

CLEVELAND - Stanford continues its lead for the Division I Learfield Sports Directors' Cup after the first spring standings. The Cardinal lead with 1509.50 total points after winning the national championship in women's water polo and placing second in men's volleyball, third in women's tennis, 17th in women's lacrosse, 18th in women's golf and 33rd in men's tennis.

The Atlantic Coast Conference has four institutions ranked in the top 10. Duke is second, Notre Dame is fifth, North Carolina is sixth and Virginia is seventh.

Seven spring Division I championships have been completed with the following institutions capturing titles: women's golf - Duke; women's lacrosse - Maryland; men's lacrosse - Duke; women's tennis - UCLA; men's tennis - USC; men's volleyball - Loyola Chicago; women's water polo - Stanford.

Oklahoma Baptist increases its lead for the NAIA Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup after the first spring standings. The Bison lead with 868.50 total points after placing second in women’s track & field, ninth in women’s tennis and 10th in both men’s golf and men’s track & field.

The Sooner Athletic Conference has three institutions ranked in the top 10. Oklahoma Baptist is first, Oklahoma City is fifth and Wayland Baptist is sixth.

Six spring NAIA championships have been completed with the following institutions capturing titles: women's golf - Oklahoma City; men's golf - Coastal Georgia; women's tennis - Georgia Gwinnett; men's tennis - Georgia Gwinnett; men's track & field - Indiana Tech; women's track & field - Indiana Tech.

The next spring standings for Division I and final standings for NAIA will be released Tuesday, June 10.

Please note, standings published midseason are unofficial.  Official standings will be published upon the completion of the spring season. Complete standings and the scoring structure can be found on NACDA's website at www.directorscup.org.  In addition, please visit www.thedirectorscup.com, like us on Facebook at facebook.com/lsdirectorscup or follow us on Twitter @lsdirectorscup.

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