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N4A Program Review

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N4A understands the demands and requirements that continue to be crucial components to the athletics academic services profession. Therefore, in an effort to continue to raise the professional standard among academic support programs and encourage a broader range of understanding of best practices and successful operations, N4A is proud to offer the Program Review service to its membership.

Although it is important to confirm that an academic support unit can provide a basic set of services to student-athletes, it is equally important that our profession continue to thoroughly examine its operations and seek way to improve and expand upon the resources offered to their constituents. During Program Review, multiple N4A-trained consultants will visit campus to conduct a comprehensive review of the services, resources and methods that a particular institution's academic support unit utilizes to serve their student-athletes. As a result of this visit, an institution will receive extensive recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

The N4A Program Review & Certification process CAN be used to satisy the NCAA required outside review of an academic support program as long as campus personnel are involved in the process.

What is the structure of Program Review?

Program Review is an extensive analysis of an institution's academic support unit which is conducted by a team of experienced and trained N4A consultants. Consultants involved in a Program Review will not only evaluate and confirm that minimum standards are being met by an academic support unit, but will look beyond those components to provide an institution with more in-depth recommendations as it relates to the values, approaches and resources available and utilized by their academic support unit. Program Review usually entails a three-day visit.

In advance of the Program Review site visit, the institution seeking review will be required to submit information, as outlined on the Pre-Certification Visit Checklist, related to its academic support operations to the identified N4A consultants. Upon review of the submitted information, the N4A consultants may request additional information or the arrangement of in-person interviews with designated campus personnel.

What is the cost of Program Review?

The fee for Program Review is $3,500, plus the cost of lodging, travel and meals for the N4A consultants conducting the visit.

What happens once I submit the application for review?

Upon receipt of the application, the national office will work with the N4A Director-at-Large to identify consultants for your site visit. When selecting consultants, consideration will be given to similarities in institutional size/enrollment, operating budget, number of student-athletes, conference affiliation, etc. Once consultants are identified, the national office will connect the primary contact at the institution with the consultants to finalize all details (i.e. travel, accommodations, etc.) of the site visit.

What can be expected from Program Review?

Following the visit, the N4A consultants will construct a detailed and comprehensive report, which will include observations and recommendations for enhancements in the particular areas that were targeted for review. Once the report is completed, it will be forwarded to the N4A Leadership for review and ultimately sent to the appropriate individuals at the institution by the national office. Typically this process takes up to a month after the site visit to complete.

Who can take advantage of Program Review?

Academic support units at both two-year and four-year institutions that provide a set of services to student-athletes, as outlined in N4A guidelines, are eligible for Program Review. Two-year institutions that serve all students, including student-athletes, may also take advantage of this opportunity.