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National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals

Categories of Membership

Professional ($125) - Voting member who holds a position at an educational institution and whose purpose is to assist student-athletes in pursuit of their educational goals.

Non-Division I Professional ($75) - Voting member who holds a position at a non-Division I educational institution and whose purpose is to assist student-athletes in pursuit of their educational goals.

Affiliate ($125) - Individuals with related interests, but do not hold a position at an educational institution. Non-voting Member.

Student ($50) - Non-voting member currently enrolled in a full-time program of study or employed as a part-time student/intern/graduate assistant. 

Group Membership ($500) - A maximum of five (5) athletics administrators at a college, university or conference office may join under one membership.  Any member beyond five is an additional $100 per member. One of these members will be designated the primary contact for account maintenance purposes. 

N4A Membership Benefits

  • Reduced registration rates for N4A Convention.
  • Access to the N4A Member Community which allows members to exchange important industry information, ideas and employment opportunities.
  • Receive N4A's e-newsletter.
  • Receive Athletics Administration magazine, NACDA's quarterly publication.
  • Receive the NACDA Daily Review, NACDA's web clipping service.
  • Opportunity to post jobs or gain access to job postings in the NACDA career center.
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities within your respected association/industry.

Our Community - As one of over 1600 members, you will enjoy networking opportunities through our member community, regional meetings, and our National Convention. In addition, you will always have a forum of professionals willing to help you with the myriad of topics that this profession provides.

National Convention - N4A hosts its National Convention each June. You can expect to enjoy first-rate workshops, nationally-known featured speakers, and stimulating discussion of current issues in the academic/athletic advising & student-athlete development field. Network with your peers and share your expertise and experiences. Specific programming for "New Members" as well as programming for veterans and all those in between will benefit you in your commitment to student-athlete welfare. New Members and First Time Convention Attendees, be sure to join us for the New Member Orientation and Reception.

Regional Conferences - N4A is divided into five geographical regions.  Each Fall, Regional Directors host one- to three-day regional meetings providing quality professional development.

Awards - Awards are designated into two categories: professional and student. Those given or recognized at the National Convention include the following:

The Wilma Rudolph Student-Athlete Achievement Award honors student athletes who have overcome great personal, academic, and/or emotional odds to achieve academic success while participating in intercollegiate athletics.

The N4A Distinguished Service Award is presented to a current member whose N4A leadership at the regional or national level goes beyond the normal service required by positions of leadership.

The Lan Hewlett Award is given to a current member, nominated by his/her institution, who exhibits merited stature among and support from student athletes, faculty, coaches, and fellow administrators. Included in the criteria is a high level of competency in administrative skills, innovative response in meeting varied and emerging needs of student athletes, effective development of junior staff, leadership in university affairs, and significant contributions to the field through publications or professional development.

The Professional Promise Award, voted on by each region, is given to a member (fewer than five years in the N4A) who exhibits professional potential in the field of academic/athletic advising as well as dedication and contributions to the N4A.

The Research Award was created to recognize a graduate student working on a thesis/dissertation or a practitioner's research project in an area of research that highlights educating or serving student-athletes.

 The N4A Best Practice Award (Model Practice Award) is an award given annually to the university or college that displays best practices in their academic programming for student athletes (this includes, but is not limited to academic advising, academic integrity, disability services, target populations, learning specialists, tutoring, study hall/table, life skills, etc.).

All questions regarding membership may be directed to Brian Horning, Director of Membership Services, via email bhorning@nacda.com or phone (440-788-7469).