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Continuing Education Units (Earning and Tracking)

Use the Continuing Education Form to keep track of the CEU's you have earned

Submit CEU's and supporting documentation

Following are ways to earn your CEUs:

Conference and Conventions CEUs Awarded
National Convention  
Attending 5
Presenting 2
Attending Concurrent Workshop 1
  • Honor Code System/Convention Attendee List
Regional Meetings


Attending 3
Presenting 2
Attending Concurrent Workshop 1
  • National Office verifies through Regional Directors
Serve in N4A/Leadership Role  
Regional Director 2
Committee Chair 2
Committee Member 1
Hosting a N4A Regional Meeting 1
Professional Publication and Writing  
Research Journal 2
Published Piece 2
Opinion/Educational Piece 1
University/College Delivered 1
  • Can only apply to University/College 5 CEUS per year
Other Associations 1
NCAA Involvement  
Conferences: Regional Rules and Convention 1
Peer Reviewer 1
Education (Professional Webinars; On-Line Classes; Workshops)  
N4A Sponsored 2
University/College Delivered 1
Other Associations 1
N4A PDI Participation 3
N4A PDI Faculty 2
N4A Diversity Training Participation 3
  • Verified through form provided by National Office
Participating in Non N4A Conference Academic Meetings/Conference 1
N4A Sponsored 2
Associations with Learning Disabilities and Tutorial Programs  
One Day 1
Two Day 2
Two-Year College and Division II and III Affiliations  
Conventions 3
Course Completion  
Student Affairs 1