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Key Info
About The National Collegiate Licensing Association

The mission of the NCLA is to strengthen the awareness of collegiate licensing on campuses and in surrounding communities; and to enhance the spirit of community, cooperation and communication within member institutions and with participating businesses throughout the licensing industry.

To achieve this mission, NCLA will provide educational opportunities to increase the knowledge and skills of its members; establish a forum for the exchange of meaningful dialogue to increase understanding of relevant industry issues and initiate and disseminate industry research, data and trends to enable licensing personnel to be better informed.

Position Statement on Codes of Conduct
The National Collegiate Licensing Association applauds those collegiate groups that have put forward detailed frameworks for ensuring decent working conditions at factories that produce collegiate-licensed products. NCLA encourages universities to take action to implement independent monitoring programs that are based upon internationally-recognized standards of the International Labor Organization. Moreover, NCLA takes the position that monitoring programs lacking these essential conditions may not be in the best interests of colleges and universities.

Administrative Staff
Jude Killy, NACDA Administrative Assistant, Assistant Secretary to NCLA
Bob Vecchione, NACDA Associate Executive Director, Senior Staff Administrator to NCLA
For more information about NCLA contact Jude Killy (jkilly@nacda.com) at the NACDA office at 440/892-4000.