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NATYCAA Purpose & Overview

Constitution & Bylaws

Established in 1987 and affiliated with NACDA in 1999, NATYCAA is the only professional organization that represents all two year institutions of higher education in the United States.

The organization is dedicated to the continuing growth an development of two year college athletics and the individuals involved through exchange of information, monitoring of legislation, promotion of academic excellence, increasing communication between organizations, and encouraging a high degree of integrity in all endeavors.



• NACDA reps (Rick Golas, Art Becker, Russ Dippold, Bob Bottger) asked NACDA for the opportunity to have special breakout sessions. About 15-20 would be in attendance NATYCAA
• 10 founding fathers (L. William Miller, Art Becker, Bob Bottger, Rex Brumley, Vin Cullen, Bob Dinaberg, Rick Golas, Carlyle Carter, Max Van Laningham, Russ Dippold) establish NATYCAA in a hotel room at the Marco Bay Resort at the winter meetings in 1987


• NATYCAA decides to piggy back on the NACDA convention, a move that has since been duplicated by several organizations
• NATYCAA was formalized at the 1987 convention in San Diego with sixty in attendance
• L. William Miller elected first President
• NATYCAA News is born with Bob Bottger as editor
• Carlyle Carter has first logo designed
• In 1988 NATYCAA held its first national convention. Sixty members are in attendance.
• Bob Bottger proposes the establishment of the L. William Miller award created to honor athletic administration excellence. L. William Miller is the first recipient
• 1989 NATYCAA gets Dick Schultz of the NCAA to include a transfer section in their guide for community/junior college athletes
• Rex Brumley leads the NACDA continuing education program. Vin Cullen also served in this role
• Vince Cullen serves NACDA as secretary and remains our first and only NATYCAA member to be an officer with NACDA
• Bob Dinaberg spearheads the student athlete recognition program, established in 1992
• NACDA Insurance (Kathy Polanshek) became NATYCAA's first sponsor. Supports the student athlete scholarship program
• In 1993 a proposal for an Executive Secretary position was defeated
• In first six years of existence, we had a president (L. William Miller) from the NJCAA side of the house, a California president (Bob Dinaberg), a minority president (Carlyle Carter) and a female president (JoAnn Rust)
• NATYCAA has representative (Bob Bottger) on the first NCAA Two Year College Relations Committee in 1990
• The NJCAA sends a representative to the convention for the first time
• The California Association sends Walt Rillet to the convention for the first time
• NATYCAA sends Vin Cullen to the AACC convention for the first time in 1992. Our relationship with the AACC began in 1991
• In 1994, Carlyle Carter becomes the first minority to head an NCAA Conference of non-historically black universities
• David Pierce, President of the AACC, is a feature speaker at our 1996 convention. He plays a major role regarding NCAA transfer legislation
• 1997-98 NATYCAA is recognized in the National Directory of College Athletics
• Ron Case and Jack Martin spearheaded the move to expand our efforts in the corporate sponsorship world
• In 1999 Ron Case and Vin Cullen headed the move to have NATYCAA officially affiliated with NACDA
• Art Becker spearheads first major membership campaign
• Warren Hansen, John Stauff, Ron Case and Lori Mallory work to make NATYCAA a part of the Sears' Cup
• The Pepsi Awards were presented for the first time at the 2004 convention. Ron Case and Jack Martin spearheaded the sponsorship
• In 2004 for the first time the student athletes of the year were flown to the convention to receive their award. This was spearheaded by Scott Geddis
• NATYCAA has web pages on the NATYCAA site for the first time in 2003
• The NATYCAA News goes electronic in 2004
• 2004 Wayne Baker of the NJCAA embraces NATYCAA and becomes a facilitator of its objectives
• The NATYCAA Hall of Fame, proposed by Bob Bottger, was established and the first class of inductees came aboard in 2004 with Rex Brumley, Vinnie Cullen and Pete Pisciotta being so honored
• 2005 NATYCAA member Art Becker is elected President of the NJCAA
• 2005 Carlyle Carter, a Founding Father of NATYCAA, becomes the head of the California Athletics Association
• NATYCAA News and website responsibilities given to secretary
• "Connections" founded. Retired members committee. Mary Mahon and Ron Warnock co-chairs
• 20th Anniversary celebration. Founding Fathers honored
• NATYCAA and NACDA conventions become the first to be hosted in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina
• New logo adopted
• Newsletter returned to the communications committee
• Pepsi gives up the rights of sponsorship to the NATYCAA Cup after the 2006/07 year
• Dick McClain, Executive Director, of the NW Association joins. 2007
• 2009 Mary Ellen Leicht becomes the first female Executive Director of the NJCAA
• The California athletic administrators have their annual spring meeting in conjunction with the NATYCAA Convention in Anaheim, 2010
• 2010 NW Association joins NATYCAA
• 2011 Legacy Fund created
• 2012 NATYCAA Announces Inaugural Learfield Directors' Cup winner
• 2014 Representatives from California Community College Athletic Association, Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges, National Junior College Athletic Association join NATYCAA leadership