NACDA Employment Opportunities: Internships

Date Posted Institution Job Title
03/27/15Southern Methodist University (SMU) Athletic Marketing Internship
03/26/15Texas A&M University Facilities Operations Internship
03/26/15University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Assistant Academic Counselor
03/26/15Francis Marion University Sports Information Director Intern
03/26/15Francis Marion University Athletic Administrative Intern
03/25/15Air Force Academy Marketing Coordinator
03/25/15American Athletic Conference Communications Assistant (2 positions)
03/24/15University of North Carolina at Charlotte Athletic Academic Center Internship
03/23/15Samford University Athletics Operations and Facilities Intern
03/23/15University of Nebraska at Kearney Lopers External Relations/Marketing Intern (2)
03/23/15University of Cincinnati Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS) Intern
03/19/15Abilene Christian University External Operations Assistant
03/18/15University of New Mexico Academic Advisement Intern
03/18/15University of Notre Dame Digital Media, Internships
03/18/15University of Notre Dame Compliance Intern
03/17/15North Carolina State University Assistant Academic Coordinator
03/17/15Southern Conference Internship Program
03/11/15University of Louisiana at Monroe Media Relations Intern
03/11/15University of West Georgia Facility Operations and Administration Internship Program
03/09/15George Mason University Athletic Ticket Office Internship
03/09/15University of California, Berkeley Fan Experience Intern
03/05/15UCLA Academic and Student Services Internship
03/05/15Utah State Academic Services Post-Graduate Intern
03/05/15Embry Riddle University Sports Marketing Internship
03/03/15Wake Forest University Internship with Athletic Development
03/03/15University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Internship Program
03/02/15Florida Atlantic University Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence (SACAE) Intern (3 positions)
03/02/15University of Memphis Athletic Academic Services Internship/Assistant Academic Counselor
02/27/15Colorado State University Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS)
02/27/15Colorado State University Intern for Football and Tutor/Learning Assistance Programs

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