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Inaugural NACDA Spring Symposium presented by IMG College

Schedule of Events

NACDA is pleased to announce this brand-new event, to be held April 9-11, 2017, at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The curriculum is focused on leadership, innovation and wellness and includes sessions led by Academy professors. Utilize the links below to find out more information and register for the event - space is limited! Programming is open to athletics directors and their spouses/partners only.

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The Broadmoor
Experience an iconic Colorado Springs resort where personalized luxury offers an escape from the ordinary and modern details blend seamlessly with the timeless European elegance of this historic property.

NACDA sponsor United Airlines is offering special airfare discounts to Colorado Springs (COS) from 4/6/2017 - 4/14/2017 for Spring Symposium attendees. Book online at www.united.com and enter the Offer Code ZXC7668532 in the Offer Code box when searching for your flights. If booking through a travel professional or United Meetings at 800-426-1122, please give them the following information:

  • Agreement Code: 668532
  • Z Code: ZXC7

4. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT GRANT - The deadline to apply for the professional development grant has passed.
NACDA is offering $1,000 professional development grants for up to 50 member athletics directors to help offset costs related to the Spring Symposium. Please note that the grant recipients will be selected on a first come first served basis, with equal consideration given to NACDA member ADs from all divisions. 

The $1,000 stipend shall include: 

  • Symposium registration ($250 for ADs and $150 for spouse/partner)
  • Up $750 to offset the cost of lodging (room and tax only), airfare/mileage and meals to be reimbursed by the Association after the Symposium


Questions? Contact Pat Manak at pmanak@nacda.com.

  • Character Development
    Dr. Dave LaRivee, Director - Center for Character and Leadership Development, U.S. Air Force Academy

    Are your students effectively shaping your culture to align with institutional values? Do they recognize their own heartfelt values and how they compare to others and the institution? Do they feel they have the skills to influence the culture on your team and campus? The USAFA Center for Character and Leadership Development conducts a series of programs for all cadets that integrate the development of character and leadership skills in order to enhance and maintain a culture of commitment to institutional values, maturity and a sense of responsibility. These programs are tailored to the class year and integrated with academic, athletic and military programs in our 4-year curriculum. They include a freshman seminar that develops self-mastery skills and how to be an effective follower on any team, a sophomore class that helps them recognize and manage personal biases and stressors to manage others, and a class for the upper two classes that introduces them to our Awareness, Reasoning, Decision and Action model to explore how to make ethical and institutionally-focused decisions with widespread impact.

    During this session, we will provide a brief overview of these programs to illustrate how they are part of an interated program that puts our cadets at the forefront of maintaining a positive culture. We will then run a mini-seminar on developing personal accountability to demonstrate our small-group, highly interactive format and the effectiveness of focusing first on shaping perspectives so each individual sees himself or herself as having a central role in the shaping of a positive culture among all students.

  • Leadership Enrichment Seminar
    Colonel Joe Don Looney, Department Head for Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, U.S. Air Force Academy

    The Leadership Enrichment Session is an abbreviated version of USAFA's Cadet Leadership Enrichment Seminar (CLES) for cadet leaders and team captains to further develop the needed skills and perspectives to be more effective leaders. The Leadership Enrichment Session will explore different skills and knowledge required to effectively execute team goals, developing personal leadership abilities, and, thereby, enhancing the overall organizational effectiveness. The session has six learning objectives:

        Recognize how you do/don't self-identify as a leader

        Consider others critical to my ability to lead my team and be a leader within the organization

        Understand the fundamental interests for those persons critical to my success

        Create a future for my team that fulfills upon the fundamental interests of critical persons and actively describes when things are going exactly how I want them to go

        Identify specific leader actions that I must take to make that future a reality

        Become increasingly mindful of how my chosen ways of being and acting impacts others, the larger institution, and our success

    Come experience this seminar and see how the methodology will support your leadership ownership.

  • Sexual Assault Prevention Programs & Holistic Approach
    Dr. Kimberly Dickman, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Analyst, U.S. Air Force Academy

    Do the thoughts of sexual assault and your institution in the headlines give you pause, bring you fear, or keep you up at night? Is there really anything you can do about it or just hope your students stay out of trouble? This session will examine the real meaning of sexual assault prevention and what you and your athletics leaders, from adults to students, can do to influence it. Though there are some risk factors inherent in sports, leveraging students as natural leaders and cultural influencers in sexual violence prevention fits naturally with the athletics ethos.

    Imagine a coach telling her players only what not to do on the field or court or pool and never learning how to play the game or practicing the skills needed to win. That is often what is done with sexual assault prevention: "don't do _____". USAFA's athletics department has developed new initiatives to address students as the solution to the problem of sexual assault and it starts with real conversations about communication, intimacy, relationships and sexuality. Though not always easy conversations to have, because we grew up in the "don't" culture, the impact can be game changing.