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September 20, 2001


To:Directors of Athletics

From:Bob Vecchione, Associate Executive Director

At the request of Lamar Berry of Continental Airlines, one of NACDA's corporate partners, I am forwarding the following information to NACDA members on how the recent attacks are affecting the airline industry and what we can do about the problem.

    To:NACDA Members

    I am coming to you as a member of the airline industry asking for your assistance. As you are aware, due to the recent terrorist events, the airline industry has suffered great economic losses. These losses have put the industry into a tailspin resulting in thousands of layoffs and possible bankruptcy for carriers that you depend upon. As airlines begin to close their doors the devastating affects will be felt globally and eventually will touch your organizations.

    Below is a sample letter that we ask you to send to your local Congress person expressing immediate need for Federal Aid Relief to the airline industry. I have also supplied a web site that will provide all of the email addresses for your representatives. The web site address is:

    Your immediate comments are key to the Congressional decision to provide relief for the airline industry! Please respond as soon as possible! Meetings are taking place this week and a decision will be made by week's end.

    On behalf of Continental Airlines and the entire airline industry, I appreciate your continued support. If you have any questions, please free to contact me.

    Best Regards

    Lamar Berry
    Continental Airlines
    National Sales Manager
    1600 Smith Street, 16th Floor HQSNS
    Houston, TX 77002
    713-324-9116/Office; 713-324-2275/Fax

Thank you for your support of our industry and our national economy.

On behalf of the employees of [University], I am seeking your support and vote to provide immediate financial aid and relief to our nation's threatened airline industry.

Since the devastating attack on September 11, the commercial airline industry in the U.S. has accumulated more than a billion dollars in losses and the entire system is in jeopardy of collapse. Last week's airspace closures, coupled with a dramatic decrease in passenger demand have thrust the U.S. airlines to the brink of bankruptcy and liquidation. As you know, this industry plays an essential role in our nation and our economic health. Our already vulnerable economy cannot withstand the failure of this critical industry.

Without immediate congressional action, the industry will not survive. This week, the Congress will consider legislation to save the U.S. airline industry. This legislation must, at a minimum, provide the industry with an infusion of cash, loan guarantees, and critical insurance provisions.

This legislation must be passed immediately to ensure the survival of the airline industry. Within the next few days, there will be more than 100,000 airline employees who will lose their jobs. Only congressional action will prevent more from losing their jobs.

Please support emergency federal relief funding to stabilize America's airlines.