NACDA Mentoring Institute                           

The focus of the NACDA Mentoring Institute is to assist and prepare those individuals that are Senior Level Administrators in athletics administration who are one step away from becoming an athletics director. Participants will learn the essentials of what it takes to position yourself for the AD role along with how to manage your department after being selected.

2014 Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute Programming

"The NACDA Mentoring Institute was a key component of my professional growth and in the continuing development of my leadership and administrative skills as I prepared for the opportunity to one day serve as a Director of Athletics. As I now grow into this role at Coastal Carolina University, I place an even greater value on the knowledge shared and learned at the Mentoring Institute and how it impacts me as a Director of Athletics."

-- Hunter Yurachek
, Coastal Carolina University
Director of Athletics & Past Mentoring Institute Attendee

Since the inaugural Mentoring Institute in 2007, eight former attendees have been appointed director of athletics and two others have been selected conference commissioners since taking part in the Mentoring Institute.

"The NACDA Mentoring Institute covers the most relevant topics in college athletics in a thorough, honest, and open way. The vast amount of material covered in the agenda couldn't have been better at preparing me for the challenges we all face every day as college administrators. The added bonus of networking with leaders in our industry made for a tremendous experience. I was energized with new thoughts, ideas and relationships when the two days were complete. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend the Mentoring Institute to anyone in our industry."

-- Bob Grant, Wright State University Director of Athletics,
   & Past Mentoring Institute Attendee

The event has enjoyed tremendous success with 93% of previous participants saying they would attend future events.

"The NACDA Mentoring Institute is the most applicable training tool for collegiate athletics administrators who aspire to get better in their current position and dream of moving up the ladder. The information taught by the top athletics directors in the country has proved to be invaluable in my career progression and has allowed me to advance my career and reach my desired goal. I have attended every Institute since the inception and plan to stay involved as much as possible. I highly recommend the Institute to everyone in our profession."

-- Ross Bjork, Ole Miss Director of Athletics & Past Mentoring Institute Attendee

Additional Testimonials Include:
Beth "I found attending NACDA's Mentoring Institute to be informative, inspiring and fun. The programming was outstanding as the true leaders in intercollegiate athletics shared lessons learned and candid thoughts regarding the challenges and opportunities facing this profession. I came away from the two-day institute with a wealth of knowledge and an even higher level of enthusiasm to face the challenges ahead. In an era when both time and money are in limited supply, I am confident you will find NACDA's Mentoring Institute to be a good investment."

-- Beth DeBauche, Ohio Valley Conference Commisioner
   & Past Mentoring Institute Attendee

"I found the NACDA Mentoring Institute to be the most comprehensive professional development tool I have ever experienced. The athletics directors who spoke during the sessiosn were extremely open and honest as it related to the various topics. I continue to utilize the information and equally as important, the peer relationships I developed during the Mentoring Institute to this day."

-- Thorr Bjorn, University of Rhode Island Director of Athletics
& Past Mentoring Institute Attendee

Thorr Bjorn

Jim Paquette "I was fortunate enough to attend the first two Mentoring Institutes and my experience from them has had a significant impact on my career advancement. During my recent interview process with Loyola Maryland, I referred to my Institute notes often. Even beyond the material covered, the relationships formed over the event has been highly instrumental in my professional growth."

-- Jim Paquette, Loyola University Maryland Director of Athletics
   & Past Mentoring Institute Attendee
"The NACDA Mentoring Institute is one of the most informative sessions I've attended. I was able to gain some 'real world' experience from successful administrative professionals at the top of this business. If you're looking for some practical knowledge that's applicable to every day situations, the NACDA Mentoring Institute is a great place to start."

-- Kevin L. Hatcher, Cal State San Bernardino Director of Athletics & Past Mentoring Institute Attendee