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                                Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute                           

The focus of the Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute is to assist and prepare those individuals that are Senior Level Administrators in athletics administration who are one step away from becoming an athletics director. Participants will learn the essentials of what it takes to position yourself for the AD role, along with how to manage your department after being selected.

"The Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute was a key component of my professional growth and in the continuing development of my leadership and administrative skills as I prepared for the opportunity to one day serve as a Director of Athletics. As I now grow into this role at the University of Houston, I place an even greater value on the knowledge shared and learned at the Mentoring Institute and how it impacts me as a Director of Athletics."

-- Hunter Yurachek
, University of Arkansas 
Director of Athletics & Past Mentoring Institute Attendee

Since the inaugural Mentoring Institute in 2007, 47 former attendees have been appointed director of athletics and two others have been selected conference commissioners since taking part in the Mentoring Institute.

"I attended the Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute the summer before I became an Athletics Director, and it was extremely helpful.  The level of candor and transparency from the Athletics Directors who presented was at a deeper level than I had experienced at other conferences.  It provided me with a tremendous amount of insight into the process of interviewing for an A.D. job as well as the issues that an A.D. faces on a daily basis.  In short, I was better prepared to get my own A.D. job after attending the Mentoring Institute."

-- Lee De Leon
, Abilene Christian University 
Director of Athletics & Past Mentoring Institute Attendee

The event has enjoyed tremendous success with 93% of previous participants saying they would attend future events.

"The Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute is the most applicable training tool for collegiate athletics administrators who aspire to get better in their current position and dream of moving up the ladder. The information taught by the top athletics directors in the country has proved to be invaluable in my career progression and has allowed me to advance my career and reach my desired goal. I have attended every Institute since the inception and plan to stay involved as much as possible. I highly recommend the Institute to everyone in our profession."

-- Ross Bjork, Ole Miss Director of Athletics, Past Mentoring Institute Attendee & Current Moderator

Additional Testimonials Include:

"I recommend the Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute to anyone who wants to be a better athletics administrator in their current role or is looking to advance in their career.  Having access to those at the highest level of athletics administration and being able to hear their real life experiences was one of the greatest assets that helped to prepare me for where I am today.  When I look at colleagues who have recently advanced to the athletics director chair, most of us were attendees of the Mentoring Institute.  It is a true professional development opportunity you don’t want to miss.”

-- Carla Wilson, University of Missouri Kansas City Director of Athletics
& Past Mentoring Institute Attendee

Jim Paquette

"There is no question that my participation in the Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute helped to better prepare me to be an athletic director. It was one of the most rewarding professional development opportunities that I have ever experienced. The insight that I gained was incredibly valuable, and the subject matter delved deep into the heart of issues that impact intercollegiate athletics today. Attending the Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute is like going inside the offices of some of the best athletic directors in the country and having a personal conversation about matters that are on everyone's mind." 

-- Shawn Heilbron, Stony Brook University Director of Athletics
   & Past Mentoring Institute Attendee

"I found the Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute to be the most comprehensive professional development tool I have ever experienced. The athletics directors who spoke during the session were extremely open and honest as it related to the various topics. I continue to utilize the information and equally as important, the peer relationships I developed during the Mentoring Institute to this day."

-- Thorr Bjorn, University of Rhode Island Director of Athletics
& Past Mentoring Institute Attendee

For questions on the Senior Administrators Mentoring Institute, please contact Jason Galaska (jgalaska@nacda.com, 440-788-7470)