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NAATSO Membership

The National Association of Athletic Ticket Sales & Operations (NAATSO) has recently joined the NACDA family of associations to become the first professional organization that will be dedicated to the needs of collegiate ticket sales and operations professionals. NAATSO will seek to promote the growth, leadership, integrity and success of administrators and professional staff in collegiate athletics.

Our association's mission is to improve the overall understanding and effectiveness of selling, management, operations, pricing and development while upholding the ideals of higher education. NAATSO will provide a platform for professionals across all levels, to share ideas and best practices relative to ticket sales and operations.

Levels of Membership

Individual - $150
Individuals employed by the athletics department of a college/university, an outside company working directly with a college/university athletics department or those employed by a conference office and who work on ticketing activities.

Corporate Group - $800
Includes up to four (4) individuals employed by a bowl, association or commercial vendor under the terms of Corporate membership. Any additional member is $125 each.

Institutional - $800
An unlimited number of athletics administrators (per membership) at a college, university or conference office may join under one membership. One of these members will be designated the primary contact for account maintenance purposes. 

Group - $500
A maximum of four (4) participants (per membership) at a college, university or conference office may join under one membership. One of these members will be designated the primary contact for account maintenance purposes. Any additional member is $125 each.

Student - $25
Any individual who is enrolled as a student in a curriculum for a degree in sports administration, or a related field.

NAATSO Membership Benefits

NAATSO Community
Access to the NAATSO Community (naatso.nacda.com); a web-based platform that provides members the opportunity to upload resources and update their profiles directly on the site to increase interaction outside of the annual Convention. It gives members a fantastic resource to discuss ideas and provide information with fellow development administrators. 


NAATSO Annual Convention
Receive discounted member rates to NAATSO educational programming and networking events.  The NAATSO Convention takes place in conjunction with the NACDA & Affiliates Convention each June.  Speakers and moderators represent a diverse population of the intercollegiate athletics landscape including all levels of NCAA and NAIA membership, when applicable.


In each edition of NACDA's official magazine, Athletics Administration, the "NAATSO Corner" column addresses a specific topic relative to the athletics ticketing field.  


NAATSO Newsletter

The NAATSO newsletter is produced monthly.  It contains information regarding upcoming event dates, initiatives and deadlines as well as links to various articles from the ticketing world.  It also contains a promotion of the month, where we highlight the accomplishments of our members and a sponsor spotlight Q&A with some of our industry experts.


NAATSO Membership Directory
An online directory that allows for the expansion of networking amongst all levels of membership.  NAATSO provides the contact information to the most influential people in collegiate athletics ticketing. Directory is available through the NAATSO Community.


NAATSO Volunteer Program
As needed, members who express interest are selected by the NAATSO Board of Directors to serve the membership on various Committees. These opportunities may include the Convention Planning Committee, the Education Committee, or the Conference Reps program.  The Conference Representatives serve as the voice of their conference's members and help spread NAATSO resources to each individual member.


NAATSO Webinars
Throughout the year, NAATSO will provide its members with educational webinars. These webinars will examine different issues that are currently affecting the world of collegiate athletics ticketing. NAATSO will provide these webinars at no extra cost to its members.


All memberships run concurrent with the school year and are valid through August 31. For additional information, contact Brian Horning, Director - Membership Services at 440-788-7469.