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Ways to Get Involved with NAADD

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NAADD has been servicing collegiate athletics development professionals for over twenty years. With educational and professional development opportunities, NAADD has successfully helped to push its members to upper level administrative positions, many of whom have gone on to become Directors of Athletics at a variety of institutions. Involvement in NAADD is one of the biggest reasons for success for its active members.

Below are some ways you can begin to get involved with NAADD and further your career:

  • Attendance:
    • Membership in NAADD is a critical step to first becoming involved with NAADD, not just for one year, but continued membership status is critical to stay in tune with educational and professional development opportunities.
    • Attend the NAADD Convention each year to continue to broaden your knowledge and continue to develop yourself professionally.
    • Throughout the year NAADD will host various webinars. These informative sessions are a great way to stay constantly involved and learn some of the best practices in the industry.
  • Submit Materials
    • The NAADD Community is quickly becoming one of the biggest benefits to a NAADD Membership, a place where professionals can share their best practices. Simply share your best resources on this page, and help out other members, while helping yourself.
    • Material is also needed during the year for the NAADD Corner section of the Athletics Administration, as well as award nominations, social media and e-newsletter articles. If you have a great development article you want to share, NAADD is the place to share it.
  • Volunteer:
    • Convention time is a great time to get involved with NAADD. Here are some ways to get involved: Helping with registration tables at FOAD, be a roundtable moderator responsible for collecting evaluations and surveys, and introducing speakers.
    • Joining the various committees that NAADD has whether it is the Communications, Awards, Diversity, Sponsorship or Convention Committees.
  • Speak/Moderate
    • Becoming involved at the NAADD Convention in a larger scale is possible as well. If individuals are interested in becoming a speaker, moderator or presenter at next year's convention, please fill out the form below.
  • Conference Rep
    • Work within your conference to help NAADD continue to grow by soliciting new members of your conference. If your conference position is already filled there may be needs on a Division I or II level, where you can help solicit new potential members.
    • Welcome these new members in your conference with conference calls, and social events at Convention. Other responsibilities will be included further along in the process.

If interested in getting further involved with NAADD in one or more of these capacities, please fill out the form above or contact Devaun Bovell at dbovell@nacda.com.