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NAADD Purposes and Overview

The purpose of NAADD is to organize individuals with a mutual interest in collegiate athletics development so that (1) an agreed upon standard of excellence can be established: (2) educational and development successes can be shared; and (3) a united voice of opinion can be heard on key issues facing collegiate athletics in general and collegiate athletics development specifically.

In 1993, NAADD formulated a partnership with the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) to administer the Association and hold our annual Workshop in conjunction with NACDA's annual Convention.

NAADD's membership has increased to close to 450 intercollegiate athletics development directors.

NAADD will continue to grow together with NACDA to provide educational and networking opportunities.

Workshop Highlights
Recent featured speakers at the NAADD Workshop include:  • Len DeLuca, Senior Vice President/Programming Development, ESPN
 • Ced Dempsey, President, NCAA
 • Dave Hart, Jr., Director of Athletics, Florida State University
 • Jim Host, CEO, Host Communications, Inc.
 • Steve Koonin, Vice President/Director of Presence Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company
 • Suzanne Lawder, National President, Goodwill Industries, Inc.
 • Mark Price, Player, Golden State Warriors
 • Winton Smith, Attorney, Winton Smith & Associates
 • Rob Stevenson, President, Seeking Excellence, Inc.
 • Reggie Williams, Vice President, Disney Sports Attractions

Administrative Staff
 • Jude Killy, NACDA Administrative Assistant, Assistant Secretary
 • Pat Manak, NACDA Assistant Director of Administration, Senior Staff Administrator
 • Bob Vecchione, NACDA Associate Executive Director, Assistant Treasurer