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Reasonable Standard Overview
NAAC's Reasonable Standards are an initiative on behalf of the compliance profession to establish "reasonable" norms to which all institutions should adhere when monitoring, providing education, and documenting an institution's compliance with NCAA rules. First introduced in September 2010, the Reasonable Standards Committee, on behalf of NAAC, set out to produce standards that could be applied across all levels of the Division I membership. A Division II Reasonable Standards Committee has since been established to produce standards and resources for their respective institutions and compliance administrators.

Principles for Developing NAAC Reasonable Standards

Every institution has different risks and levels of risk. Institutions must assess those and adjust their policies and procedures accordingly. Such assessment may require institutions to implement monitoring, education, or documentation policies or procedures that exceed what is outlined in these Reasonable Standards. Additionally, circumstances may arise at any institution that would justify a deviation from these norms in certain situations.

Reasonable Standards
 - Division I, Division II

Division I
Bylaw 12

Bylaw 13

Bylaw 14

Bylaw 15

Bylaw 16

Bylaw 17

 Division II Reasonable Standards

Round 1- Released June 2014
Accompanying these standards are Supplemental Materials developed by the DII Reasonable Standards Committee. These materials, while not required to comply with the Reasonable Standards, provide guidance to institutions seeking to implement the standards on their campuses.