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Goal: To provide all Division II active/provisional member institutions and conference offices an interactive, educational training program to assist professionals in developing ethical, integrity-based compliance programs.

The Division II Education Program will be provided through an online learning management system beginning in 2017.

The Content of the Program was designed, developed and maintained by a committee of Division II compliance professionals (compliance administrators and athletics directors). Lessons will be updated each August to reflect new legislation.

Questions regarding the Program: Please contact Lindsey McDonnell Paynter (naaccertification@nacda.com). For more information on NAAC, please contact Julie Work (jwork@nacda.com) in the National Office.  

The Education Program is an online, interactive, training program consisting of 50-60 lessons approximately 5 minutes in length which will be available, FREE of charge to member institutions.  The program contains information related to 8 NCAA bylaws, plus coverage of NCAA resources and NAAC approved Reasonable Standards. 
Coaches, athletic administrators, financial aid personnel, FARs, registrars, admissions officers, and other university faculty and staff will benefit from this training tool.
This online, interactive, training program delivers rules education and is designed to reduce the time required to prepare accurate and engaging materials for education sessions, ensure uniformity between institutions, and be useful in individual and group settings.
The Professionals who complete this training will have a working knowledge of current NCAA legislation, its application, and available resources. This Program will enhance the knowledge and skill set of individuals involved with the conduct and administration of Division II institutions.