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Dear NAAC Members,
I am thrilled to be writing you today to announce the NAAC DI Toolkit as the newest benefit included with your NAAC membership!

In October 2013, NAAC launched its Education Certification program, combining technical knowledge with an understanding of ethics, professional concepts and the application of principles to practice. Beginning with the 2018-19 membership year, NAAC will offer the web-based interactive training tool as a member benefit, which will be included in your membership dues, there will be no additional cost associated with the program. The NAAC DI Toolkit will be available to all members, providing a valuable resource to the membership and aligning the program with how compliance professionals currently use the system.

With the rebrand of the Division I program, the current Division II Education Program will also be rebranded as the NAAC DII Toolkit. The DII program launched in 2016 and has been available to Division II members at no cost since its inception.

If you have previously been NAAC certified, you will no longer need to track continuing compliance education credits for certification status. Moving forward, NAAC will continue its commitment to creating and publicizing educational opportunities for the compliance industry.

Both the DI and DII Toolkits provide multiple hours of training for specific NCAA bylaws. Both programs will continue to be updated annually with new legislation. For an updated FAQ on the NAAC DI Toolkit, click here.

Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran in the profession, the NAAC DI and DII Toolkits are designed to help you become more proficient and efficient in the compliance field.

Dustin M Gray
Senior Associate Athletics Director – Administration
University of Pittsburgh