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2017-18 Interns:

Devaun Bovell

Peter Collins

Kassandra Garcia

Laura Zambrana

About the NACDA Internship Program

Beginning in the fall of 1984, the NACDA internship program has provided opportunities for more than 190 college students and graduates who are aspiring collegiate athletics administrators. NACDA interns hail from all over the United States, as well as a few international students, who commit to the year-long internship.

During the NACDA internship, students are exposed to different aspects involved in the field of athletics administration.  This internship serves as a way to increase a student's knowledge of the administrative duties within collegiate athletics by providing practical experience.

Lee Reed and Dawn (Moore) Rogers became the first NACDA interns to earn the position of director of athletics; Reed at Cleveland State (currently at Georgetown) and Moore at Xavier. Reed, currently NACDA's 1st Vice President, is also the first former intern to become a NACDA Officer.

NACDA has employed several former interns including - Jamie Bouyer; Jason Galaska; Laurie Garrison; Chris Green; Jude Killy; Dana (Ingraham) LeRoy; Melissa (Dukov) Lynch; Pat Manak; Denise (Ladd) Manak; Katie Newman; Liz (Zielie) McFarland; Becky Parke; Lisa Polak; Ryan Virtue and Matt Wolfert. (Italics indicate current employees.)

NACDA All-Time Intern Listing
Internship Term and Application Process

August 2018 - June 2019  |  Cleveland, Ohio
Applications for the 2018-19 NACDA Internship Program are no longer being accepted.

NACDA offers four (4) internships per year that focus on various events and projects as determined by the various Associations' Board of Directors/Executive Committees. Each intern is assigned to specific Affiliate Associations based on career path interest and previous experiences, giving them the opportunity to work with, and establish relationships with, some of the biggest decision makers in college athletics. 

In addition to the networking opportunity, our interns enhance and learn a number of skills including internal & external communication, social media strategy, design, writing, customer service, attention to detail and many others.

All internship questions may be directed to Dana LeRoy at dleroy@nacda.com or 440-788-7482.


NACDA interns receive a bi-weekly stipend. In addition to the stipend, NACDA provides housing for each intern.

Work Hours

The internship program consists of a standard 40 hour work week.


Dana LeRoy is the director and supervisor of the internship program. Each intern, however, will be assigned to specific Associations and will report to the appropriate Association Manager.  Close working relationships with all staff members will be developed.