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Division 2 Athletics Directors Association Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an athletics director who, over the course of his/her career, has made an exemplary contribution to Division II athletics and the student-athlete experience. Contributions include, but are not limited to, serving on NCAA committees, involvement in conference and/or Division II initiatives, NACDA, D2 ADA, sport program development and success, commitment to gender equity and minority opportunities, commitment to rules compliance, the overall leadership of her/his program, and the commitment to the Division II philosophy.

Selection Process
The Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious of all awards presented by the D2 ADA. It does not merely honor the superior achievement embodied in a single work. Instead, it is an acknowledgement of superior achievement in an entire career. The D2 ADA President and Officers will serve as the Lifetime Achievement Awards Committee. This committee considers recommendations submitted by the D2 ADA membership at large, though they are not obliged to pick an award recipient from among the recommendations.

Nomination Requirements
To be eligible for this award, a person must be at least 60 years old, or have spent at least 25 years in collegiate athletics whether currently active or retired, with a majority of those years as an athletics director. Nominations are considered for three consecutive years. NACDA national staff, current members of the D2 ADA Board of Directors and its officers, and members of the Awards Committee are ineligible. The award recipient will also be recognized at one of the NACDA awards luncheons.

2016-17 Winner: Tim Selgo, Grand Valley State University

2015-16 Winner
: Mary Gardner, Bloomsburg University

2014-15 Winner: Gary Hall, Barton College

2013-14 Winner: Lynda Goodrich, Western Washington University

2012-13 Winners:  Kathleen Brasfield, Angelo State University and Jack Bishop, Central Washington University

2011-12 Winner:  Jim Harris, University of Alabama Huntsville

2010-11 Winner:  Jane Meier, Northern Kentucky University

2009-10 Winner:  Bud Elwell, Gannon University

2008-09 Winners: Rudy Carvajal, CSU Bakersfield and Phil Roach, Rollins College