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Nominating Committee:
Chaired by the immediate Past President, this body is comprised of all Officers and is charged with the responsibility of preparing the annual slate of Officers, Executive Committee Members, and the various standing committee members (including designating Chairs) to be presented to the full membership at the annual June meeting of the Association. When vacancies occur during the course of the year, the Past President and current President will fill any openings if they believe it is important to do so prior to the next annual meeting. All standing committee members are assigned three-year terms, with the ability to be reappointed for no more than two consecutive terms. Further, all standing committees are to be chaired by an Executive Committee member, have no more than one individual from any particular conference and, whenever possible, display geographic distribution amongst its members.

Troy Austin (Chair) Longwood University
Scott Lazenby Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Carla Wilson University of Missourie Kansas City
Tim Hall University of Maryland Baltimore County
Lynne Robinson Mount St. Mary's University
Ken Kavanagh Florida Gulf Coast University
Mary Ellen Gillespie University of Hartford