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2016-17 Learfield Directors' Cup Scoring Structure
There are no scoring adjustments for this year.

2012-13 Scoring Changes
For NCAA Divisions I, II and III, the cross country scoring will be adjusted to award points from NCAA Regional meets to the institutions that finished 1-5, but did not advance to the National Championship.

Program Philosophy
The committee adjusted the philosophy of the program to read as follows - A program that honors institutions maintaining a broad-based program, achieving success in many sports, both men's and women's, in which all sports that the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA offers a championship, along with Division IA football, and all student-athletes that compete in those sports, are treated equally.

Value by Sport
Based on the adoption of the above philosophy, the committee reinstated all sports in which the NCAA or NAIA offers a championship, along with Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS, formerly I-A) football, to full scoring values. This means that for all sports that meet the above criteria, first place is worth 100 points. Scoring for the Junior/Community Colleges is determined using the NATYCAA Cup standings.

FBS Football

The following breakdown will be used:
  • 1st place - 1-25 using the final USA Today poll (comes out after the National Championship game), point breakdown is as follows: We will be using the 64-team non-bracket point system for the top-25 teams with 25th place receiving 49 points.
  • 26th place - Bowl game winners not ranked in poll (45 points)
  • Next Available Place - Bowl game losers not ranked in the poll (25 points)

    Point Determination
    Standings for the Directors' Cup will be based upon the size of the bracket. A minimum of five (5) points will be awarded to any team that places 65th or lower.

    Point Determination - Bracket Sports
    Points are determined based on the size of the bracket. Any team placing 65th or lower will receive five (5) points. (See accompanying chart for a breakdown by bracket size).

    Point Determinations - Non-Bracket Sports
    There is a separate point structure for sports that are not placed into brackets. However, the bracket structure has been established for the individual sports in a manner similar to the team sports. Points will be awarded to each individual place. The breakdown is for championships with 64, 48, 32, 16 and 12 teams. Any team placing 65th or lower will receive five (5) points. (See accompanying chart)

    When a tie occurs, the average of the places the teams occupy is taken and given to all of the teams that are tied. For example, if three teams tied for 30th place in a 64-team event, the average of the points given to places 30-32 (44 pts., 43 pts., 42 pts.) will be given to all three teams. In this case, each team would receive 43 pts. ((44+43+42)/3=43).

    Sport Breakdown
    See the Bracket Determination chart to identify those sports scored by the team bracket method and those scored by the individual point method.

    If two teams tie for first place in the final spring standings, the determination to break the tie is the number of national championships won. The second tiebreaker is the most number of second place finishes. Thus, if two teams have the same number of points, the team that wins the most national championships will win the Directors' Cup. Ties will only be broken for first place in the final spring standings.

    Sports Included
    In Division I, there will be 20 sports counted in the standings - the top 10 men's and the top 10 women's; in Division II, there will be 14 sports included - the top seven (7) men's and top seven (7) women's; Division III will count 18 sports - the top nine (9) men's and the top nine (9) women's; while in the NAIA, there will be 12 sports included - the top six (6) men's and the top six (6) women's. See the Bracket Determination chart to identify by division the sports that may count in the standings.

    Sports Not Included
    Sports that will not be included in the Directors' Cup standings are any sports not included in the divisional lists. This includes sports in which the NCAA or NAIA does not sponsor a championship.

    All Divisions
    Institutions will use the top-10 sports for each gender in Division I; the top-seven (7) sports for each gender in Division II; the top-nine (9) sports for each gender in Division III; and the top-six (6) sports for each gender in the NAIA. For the Junior/Community Colleges, highest scoring institution in the NATYCAA Cup standings among the NJCAA Scholarship and Non-Scholarship Institutions and State Associations will be declared the Directors' Cup winner.

    For example, in Division I, points will automatically be awarded to an institution in the first 10 sports per gender in which it scores. If an institution scores in more than 10 sports per gender, points will be awarded for the 10 sports which received the highest point total.

    Since the men have more possible sports in which to score, fencing and skiing will initially be counted in the women's tally. However, these sports can be switched into the men's tally if the women score in more than their permissible number of sports. This scoring will be determined by the NACDA office so as to give the institution the most points possible.

    The scoring for rifle will be determined by the structure of the team. Rifle will be counted for the gender that has a higher percentage of members on the team. Thus, if 55 percent of the team is male, it may only be used as a men's sport.

    Field Sizes
    Field sizes are determined by the NCAA and NAIA offices in setting the championships.

    Conference Championships/National Polls
    An institution's finish in conference championships or ranking in national polls, with the exception of the FBS football (formerly I-A) poll (USA Today/ESPN Coaches' Poll), will not count toward the point tally in the Learfield Sports Directors' Cup standings. All points are based on an institution's finish in the NCAA or NAIA championships.

    Publication of Standings
    Directors' Cup standings will be published periodically in USA Today. Complete standings of all institutions will be published on NACDA's website. Publication of standings prior to the final spring standings will be unofficial and subject to correction if necessary. They will be published for institutions, media members, fans and parents to keep track of their progress throughout the year.

    However, in the winter and spring standings, the NACDA office may remove points scored in the fall or winter in order to use a higher scoring sport in the spring.

    Corrections to the Standings
    If a member finds the standings or point totals to be incorrect, contact Brian Horning (440-788-7469) or Julie Work (440-788-7468) in the NACDA office. 

    Standings will be updated on NACDA's website, Learfield website and published in USA Today.

    Trophy Presentation
    The presentation of the Directors' Cup for Divisions II, III and the NAIA will occur during the NACDA Convention at the Directors' Cup Awards Luncheon. Due to the College World Series (baseball) ending on June 28 or June 29, the Directors' Cup standings for Division I may not be finalized until after the Convention. However, if the teams competing in the College World Series do not affect the overall winner for Division I, then the Directors' Cup for Division I will also be presented at the Convention. If the overall winner cannot be determined, the top five institutions will be recognized during the Convention, but the Directors' Cup will be presented at a later date.

    Questions concerning the tabulation of points for the Directors' Cup should be directed to Brian Horning (440-788-7469) or Julie Work
    (440-788-7468) in the NACDA office.