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36th NACDA Convention
Salt Lake City, Utah
June 10-13, 2001

General Sessions

Annual NACDA Business Session

  • Deborah Yow, Tim Gleason, Bill Bradshaw

    James J. Corbett Awards Luncheon
  • Deborah Yow, Tim Gleason, Todd Chrisensen, Judy Rose, Ben Carnevale, John Genzale, Ted Leland, Jack Powers, Arnie Ferrin, Mike Lude, Jack Lengyel

    President's Remarks and Keynote Address
  • Deborah Yow, Bill Bradshaw, Tommy Lasorda

    NACDA Scholarship Awards Luncheon
  • Deborah Yow, Joanna McLendon, Leslie Gudel, Lee McElroy, Tom O'Toole, John Lebbad, Kathryn Jordan, Harry Sheehy, Wilf Wedmann, Greg Warzecka

    Division I

    Town Hall Meeting - Recruiting, Selecting and Training Coaches and Staff
  • Ron Stratten, Freddie Grooms

    Town Hall Meeting: Powerful and Insightful Conversation with Multiple Perspectives Topics: Arms Race, Basketball Issues, Football Issues, Governance, Student-Athlete Welfare
  • Joe Castiglione, David Berst, Deborah Yow, Jack Lengyel, Bob Minnix, John Genzale, Chris Plonsky, Bob Bowlsby, Brad Davis, Bucky Wagner, Demitrius Marlow, Gene Smith, Phil Dane, Bill Bradshaw, Mike Alden

    Town Hall Meeting: Show Me the Money - Financial Aid Q&A
  • Rocky LaRose, Amy Folan, Lee McElroy, Judy Rose, John Parry, Don Kaverman, Jamie Pollard, Betsy Stephenson

    State of the Web
  • Kim Record, Jeff Cravens

    Division II

    Amateurism - Clarification of the New Legislation
  • Dick Young, Jim Johnson

    Deregulation of Bylaw 17 - Playing and Practice Seasons
  • Jim Fallis, Jim Johnson

    Five-Year Eligibility - Retention and Graduation Rates
  • Roger Maisner, Bob Carlson, Jim Fallis

    NATA/Athletics Training Issues
  • Bill Fusco, Chad Starkey, Randy Dick, Denny Miller

    Division II ADA Update
  • Howard Patterson, Jim Battle, Mike Racy

    Division III

    Improving Your Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Art Eason, Michael Worley, John Schael, Susan Peal

  • Tim Gleason, Tom Weingartner, JoAnn Andregg, Gary Karner

    Trends in Fund Raising
  • Debbie Lazorik, Peg Brown, Kim Record

    Managing the Athletics Department through the Web
  • Nancy Bals, Terry Kelly

    Junior/Community Colleges

    Brainstorming Session - Who has the Solution to Your Problems
  • Ron Case, Larry Hart

    Current Issues/Trends Affecting Two-Year College Athletics
  • Lori Mallory, Joanne Fortunato, David Berst, Wayne Baker


    Five-Year Eligibility
  • Bob Wilson, Carroll Land, Jeff Struckle, Paul Berry, Howard Morris, Al Bortke, Cheryl Eckroth, Wayne Poage

    How To Mentor, Hire and Administer a Diverse Staff
  • David Stair, Dutch Baughman