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36th NACDA Convention
Salt Lake City, Utah
June 10-13, 2001

All NACDA Members
Annual NACDA Business Session
Wednesday, June 13, 9:45 - 10:10 a.m.

Deborah Yow

We're going to start. Tim Gleason is going to give the Secretary's Report.

Tim Gleason

Thank you President Yow and good morning. I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you a few of our Association's highlights for the 2000-01 year. On August 26, NACDA opened the college football season with the 11th Pigskin Classic at Alltel Stadium with Florida State serving as host. The Seminoles defeated Brigham Young in front of a crowd of more than 54,000. The 18th annual Kickoff Classic, held the following day, found Southern California defeating Penn State in front of a record crowd of close to 79,000 people.

The 35th annual Facilities, Fund Raising, and Marketing Workshop was held November 27-29 in Orlando, Florida in conjunction with the Athletic Business convention. The event drew more than 125 NACDA members and exhibitors and featured 12 sessions.

In December, NACDA added a few new member benefits. One of these benefits was providing links from NACDA's web site to its members' sites. NACDA created an archives section on its web site, providing in-depth background on key topics in athletics. Additionally, NACDA created electronic mailing lists for NACDA and the affiliate associations, allowing members an opportunity to exchange pertinent ideas and work-related inquires.

In January, NACDA promoted Pat Manak from the position of assistant director of administration, to the position of assistant executive director, administration.

In April, the 10th annual Division I Athletics Directors Forum was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in conjunction with the 2001 Division I Men's Final Four. More than 175 NACDA members were in attendance.

In May, NACDA re-launched its web site in a new and redesigned format. It is now easier to use and has better graphics.

The University of Nebraska was selected as the host of this year's Pigskin Classic, with the game to be played in Lincoln on Saturday, August 25th. Texas Christian University will be Nebraska's opponent. Georgia Tech and Syracuse were picked to compete in the Kickoff Classic at Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands on Sunday, August 26th.

As of this Convention, NACDA's membership stands at more than 1,750 institutions and more than 6,100 individuals. Thank you all for your attendance at the Convention. We look forward to seeing you next year when we go to Dallas, at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel, from June 16-19.

Bill Bradshaw

My name is Bill Bradshaw and I am the director of athletics at DePaul University. Ladies and gentlemen, the following athletics directors have passed away in the last year - Gary Crompton, Weber State University; Joe Donovan, State University of New York-New Paltz; Lester Dye, Syracuse University; Bill Ellington, University of Texas; Bill Grice, Case Western Reserve University; John Kissel, Hilbert College; Frances Koenig, Central Michigan University; Howard MacAdam, Buffalo State University; Lou McCullough, Iowa State University; Thurman "Fum" McGraw, Colorado State University; Vern Wagner, San Jose State University; Robert Watson, Harvard University and Ed Weaver, Ohio State University.

Please rise and offer a moment of silence for these members who have departed our membership since last year's Convention.

Deborah Yow

Thank you Bill. We're now ready for your consideration of the 2001 NACDA Nominating Committee recommendations for the slate of Officers and Executive Committee representatives. I am going to read this to you. For president, Bill Bradshaw, DePaul University; 1st vice president, Joe Castiglione, University of Oklahoma; 2nd vice president, Judy Rose, University of North Carolina-Charlotte; and 3rd vice president, Gene DeFilippo, Boston College.

For the Executive Committee representatives, Lew Perkins, University of Connecticut; Tim Curley, Penn State University; Terry Don Phillips, Oklahoma State University; Steve McCarty, Stephen F. Austin State University; Mitch Barnhart, Oregon State University; Bryce Casto, West Virginia State University; Mac Cassell, Mount Olive College; Wayne Poage, Dallas Baptist University; Bobby Bowman, Pasco-Hernando Community College; Karen Guthmiller, Lee College; Bob Myers, Solano Community College; and Rick Chryst, Mid-American Conference. Do we have a motion to accept the slate as presented? A second? All those in favor? All those opposed? Congratulations to the new Officers and the new Executive Committee.

Our next item is the grand prize drawing - four nights in Athens, Greece, for two. There aren't that many cards in this box, so your odds are pretty good. Jim Fallis, director of athletics, Northern Colorado. It sounds like a nice trip. Thank you to Terry Conway from Tuflex Rubber Products, who was my helper. This is the moment we begin to finish the program. I will pass the gavel to Bill Bradshaw as our new president.

I want to thank Mike Cleary and his staff. If you haven't had personal interaction with them, then just take my word for the fact they work really hard. Two weeks ago I needed to leave a voice mail for Mike and I was at the office on a Saturday morning around 11:00. I called their number to see if I could get into their voice mail system. I was half listening to what the directions would tell me to do, when he answered the telephone. I thought, I really like this guy. He's there on Saturday morning working. You just don't do that unless you're committed to the job. I ask you to join me in a round of applause for the staff.

Two other things very briefly. I would also like to say I hope we continue the trend of developing a position, if you will, of advocacy for our positions as athletics directors, but also as associates and assistants of athletics. The Executive Committee, a year ago on this day, following this final session, was good enough to approve a couple of additions to the Mission Statement for the organization. One of those was related to our serving as advocates for our own profession. I've tried to say this when I had the opportunity, no one understands what we do. They just don't get it. It falls to us because we're the ones that care the most and we have passion for our work. We also understand how very challenging it is. We must somehow find a way to share with people the level of complexity of what we do. I will give you the one specific example of what has irritated me. A year ago, the National Association of Basketball Coaches came out with a statement, a strong statement, about the lack of minority hires in intercollegiate athletics administration. It impacted me significantly and I talked to Mike Krzyzewski, who is on their board, and since Mike is in our conference, he was a good person for me since I already had a relationship with him. I also called their executive director, Jim Haney and began to dialogue with him. What they realized was that they had issued that statement about our profession and, therefore, our organization as far as I'm concerned, without so much as calling any of us to talk to us about it. Mike Cleary had not been called, I had not been called. They didn't have any dialogue at all. They were very quick to pass judgement on us without ever having been an athletics administrator themselves. We have to get to the place where those individuals and those organizations do not feel the freedom to do that. They need to understand that we are here and we're a power to be reckoned with, we know more about our work than they will ever know and they have to have some degree and level of respect before they issue statements of that kind.

That was followed up by the Knight Commission's decision to not include any sitting AD on their group as they convene to discuss the issues in intercollegiate athletics. I wrote Dr. Friday, whom as one of the co-chairs of the group and I've known him 25 years, so that was an easy letter for me to write. I did get a response from him, but I didn't get the response that I wanted and that I believe was correct; that was they would change the make-up of the committee and add a sitting AD to the group. I know of no other way other than to be persistent and to peck away at this thing and not let people run rough shod over us. We know, more than any other group in this country, what needs to occur in intercollegiate athletics. We know we have a lot of problems, but we know better than anybody else how they should be fixed, what can be done, what can't be done.

I just hope the organization will, not only be an educational organization, which we've been for years and years, but as the years roll by, they'll be a shift into education and to advocacy for ourselves and those coming behind us.

In closing, I want to thank all of you. I very much appreciate it and I've considered it an honor to have served you. Thank you.

I will now pass the gavel. I want to you know that I've known Bill for a long time. We were in the same conference. I was at St. Louis as AD and he was at DePaul. We were trying to form something called the Great Midwest, which is now a precursor to Conference USA. Talk about an advocate, I think we have such a winner in Bill. If you know him personally, you know he is very vocal. You don't have to wonder where he stands on issues. He's a mover and a shaker and I think he'll be very good for us. Thank you Bill.

Bill Bradshaw

Thank you Debbie. How about Debbie being an advocate for us? There's no better one for us. There's really two people I owe for being up here today. One, is my mother in St. Petersburg, who gathered up all of the senior citizens' votes for me and Jean Ponsetto, my senior associate, who delivered the deceased Chicago vote. I want to thank both of them.

You know, Judy, with Castiglione and DeFilippo, we're going to see a lot more pasta at the Convention next year as officers. Seriously, thank you Debbie very much. I'm honored and humbled to be here because of the 6,100 members we have in NACDA and growing and the great Conventions we're having. There have been some great people up here.

We will have a list of Presidential pardons for one year from today. If you want to see me later, we'll start the list today. Thank you all very much.