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35th NACDA Convention
Orlando, Florida
June 11-14, 2000


Opening Remarks and Keynote Address

  • Dave Hart, Jr., Joe Castiglione, J.W. Watts

    General Sessions

    Total Quality Leadership in a Changing World

  • Dave Hart, Jr., Jack Lengyel, Kevin Delaney

    Internet Facts and Fiction

  • Dave Hart, Jr., Betsy Stephenson, Dan Mannix, John Kosner, Jeff Cravens

    Diversity Training Seminar

  • Dave Hart, Jr., Dana Craft, Lin Dawson, Keith Tribble

    Diversity Speakers Forum

  • Dave Hart, Jr., Alfred White, Anita DeFrantz, Ron Stratten, Richard Lapchick, Hallie Gregory, Anita DeFrantz, Tanya Rush, Key Marshall, David Thomas

    Annual NACDA Business Session

  • Dave Hart, Jr., Tim Gleason, Deborah Yow, Jim Livengood, Deborah Dunston

    Awards Luncheons

    NACDA Scholarship Awards Luncheon

  • Dave Hart, Jr., Michele Tafoya, John Genzale, Lew Perkins, Lee McElroy, Joanna McLendon, John Lebbad, Jamila Demby, Ted Leland, Bob Peck, Michael Dinning, Greg Warzecka

    James J. Corbett Awards Luncheon

  • Dave Hart, Jr., Bonnie Bernstein, Rocky Carzo, Jack Powers, Gary Cunningham, Helen Smiley, Ted Leland, Ced Dempsey

    Division I

    Media Ethics

  • Debbie Yow, John Rawlings, Jim Welch, George Solomon, Bill Bradshaw, Joe Castiglione

    Division II

    Interactive Session #2 - Football Division for Playoffs

  • Roger Maisner, Darryl Rogers

    Interactive Session #4 - Graduation Rate Reporting

  • Phil Roach

    Division III

    Current Issues in Division III Medical Coverage in Athletics Training

  • Art Eason, Jerry Shellard, Denny Miller, Joan Maser, Walter Johnson

    Current Issues in Division III Championships -
    Regional Alignment by Sport Parameters for Selection

  • Gary Karner, Dan Dutcher, Christine Pohl, Jeff Cohen, Chuck Gordon, Jerry Chaplin, Mike Vienna

    Nontraditional Seasons Update and Options

  • Tim Gleason, Bridget Belgiovine, John Harvey, John Schael, Chuck Emroy, Annette Shapiro, Walter Johnson

    Student-Athlete Development in the New Millennium

  • Don Tencher, Peg Brown, Joe Gieck, Jessica Robitaille


    Health, Fitness and Stress Management for the Athletics Administrator

  • Greg Feris, Bill Bowden

    Junior/Community Colleges

    Current Trends and Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Warren Hansen, David Berst, Joanne Fortunato, Karen Sykes

    Open Forum Academic Monitoring, Outcome, Assessments and Database Management

  • Ron Shertz, Lou Pullano

    NACDA members who wish to receive a copy of the Association's Finanancial Statements should contact Alice Belt (abelt@nacda.com), Business Manager, NACDA, PO Box 16428, Cleveland, OH 44116. All requests must be submitted in writing.