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35th NACDA Convention
Orlando, Florida
June 11-14, 2000

All NACDA Members
Annual NACDA Business Session
Wednesday, June 14, 11:00-11:30 a.m.

Dave Hart

I would like to thank our panelists and speakers who spearheaded an effort that I think was very successful in terms of the Convention itself. We had some outstanding individuals give of their time and expertise to come and join us for this year's Convention.

I'd like to call on Tim Gleason to give the Secretary's Report.

Tim Gleason

Thank you. I'm pleased to have the opportunity to share with you a few of the Association's highlights for 1999-2000. A complete detailed report including the financial status of NACDA will be in the Proceedings of this our 35th Convention.

On August 28, NACDA opened the football season with the 10th Pigskin Classic at Penn State University. Penn State defeated Arizona. The next day, the 17th annual Kickoff Classic found the University of Miami defeating Ohio State.

The 34th annual Facilities, Fund Raising and Marketing Workshop was held November 14-16 in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The event drew more than 150 NACDA members and exhibitors and featured 10 sessions.

Joe Castiglione, director of athletics at the University of Oklahoma was chosen was to replace Mark Dienhart, former director of athletics at the University of Minnesota, as NACDA's third vice president. Max Urick, from Kansas State University, was selected to fill Joe's vacancy on the Executive Committee.

NACDA expanded its services once again, and reached an agreement to administer the National Alliance of Two-Year College Administrators. In its 11th year, NATYCAA held its annual meeting this past Saturday and Sunday in conjunction with the Convention and we're proud to welcome them into the NACDA family.

In March, an agreement was entered by NACDA and First Mentors, the youth mentoring program, created by First USA Bank and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, to become the official mentoring program of NACDA.

In April, the Ninth Annual Division I Athletics Directors Forum was held in Indianapolis in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Final Four. More than 250 NACDA members were in attendance.

Florida State was selected as the host of this year's Pigskin Classic to be played in Jacksonville. Brigham Young will be the opponent. The game will be played on Saturday, August 26. Penn State and the University Southern California were picked to compete in the Kickoff Classic at the Meadowlands on Sunday, August 27.

As announced yesterday, Stanford University, the University of California-Davis, Williams College and Simon Fraser won this year's Sears Directors' Cups.

As of this Convention, NACDA membership stands at more than 1,600 institutions and more than 6,100 individual members.

Thank you all for your attendance at the Convention. We look forward to seeing you next years in Salt Lake City at the Little and Grand America Hotel from June 10-13.

Deborah Yow

The following people have departed from our membership during the past year. The list includes individuals who were retired as well as those who were still in active service: Robert Busbey, Cleveland State University; Bob Fischer, UCLA; Eldon Fix, Lewis and Clark College; James Bud Jack, University of Utah; Robert Mason, Austin College; Mike McCready, Upper Iowa University; John McLendon, Cleveland State University; Robert Piper, Grambling University; Dan Quilty, New York University; Roy Van Ness, College of New Jersey; James "Fuzzy" Williams, Delaware State University and Wilbur "Pony" Wilson, Rutgers University-Camden. Please rise for a moment in respect for these members who passed away since last year's Convention. Thank you.

Dave Hart

At this time I'd like to ask Jim Livengood to give the Nominating Committee's Report.

Jim Livengood

Nominated as Officers for the 2000-01 year will be as follows: president, Debbie Yow, University of Maryland; first vice president, Bill Bradshaw, DePaul University; second vice president, Joe Castiglione, University of Oklahoma; third vice president, Judy Rose, University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Recommended to the Executive Committee: University District 1, Gene DeFilippo, Boston College; University District 3, Oval Jaynes, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga; University District 8, John Kasser, University of California; College District 4, Debbie Lazorik, Marietta College; At-Large, Ron Stratten, NCAA; At-Large District 1, Nancy Bals, Westfield State College; At-Large District 2, Ginger Fulton, Seton Hall; At-Large District 6, Chris Plonsky, University of Texas; At-Large District 8, Kathleen "Rocky" LaRose, University of Arizona. Do we have any nominations from the floor?

We have no nominations from the floor. Mr. President, does that suffice? Thank you.

Dave Hart

Deborah, can we ask you to come forward for the grand prize drawing.

Deborah Dunston

International Sport is so pleased and honored to be able to offer the grand prize at the 35th annual Convention of NACDA. Because it is the 35th anniversary and it is the year 2000, we wanted to come up with something a little bit more special and a little bit different this year. We came up with two free trips to Greece, including a trip to go back to the ancient sites of Olympia where it all began. We'll see who gets to make those trips.

Dave Hart

Debbie, let me say how much NACDA appreciates your involvement over the years. We're going to let Debbie Yow, your incoming president, select the winner.

Deborah Dunston

The winner is Ronald Warnock, De Anza College.

Dave Hart

At this time, it is my pleasure, in just a minute, to pass the gavel to Deborah Yow who will represent us extraordinarily well as our president as we go into this year. Let me take just a second to thank all of you and particularly the NACDA staff, Mike Cleary and his staff for the wonderful job that they do. I mentioned this the other day and it's worth repeating, having been in this role, you gain a real appreciation for just how hard Mike and his staff work and how valuable they are to this Association as we've gone through periods of extensive growth.

Now, it's my pleasure to pass the gavel, the presidency, to Deborah Yow.

Deborah Yow

Thank you Dave. Just a couple of words to those of you who managed to stay through Wednesday. It has been good for our profession to have someone like Dave Hart represent us to the world at large. As you know, he is, in fact, widely known for his leadership skills and his tremendous work ethic. I'd like for you to join me in thanking both Dave and the entire NACDA staff for all of their efforts on our behalf this past year.

I just want to let you know that serving as your president for the year 2000-01 is going to provide for me a tremendous opportunity to work on your behalf. I really look forward to pursuing ways to better explain to others the complexities of our work. I do, in fact, plan to look for opportunities to serve as your advocate in that way with the full support of Mike Cleary and his staff. Thank you.

We are at the end of our official part of our program, so we are adjourned.