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35th NACDA Convention
Orlando, Florida
June 11-14, 2000

NCAA Division II Breakout Session
Interactive Session #2 - Football Division for Playoffs
Monday, June 12, 10:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Roger Maisner

Good morning. I'm Roger Maisner and a member of the NACDA Executive Committee. I'd like to welcome you here today. We have four interactive sessions this morning. We'll go about 40 minutes and take a five-minute break. You can move to any of the other three sessions you would like to hear. I'd like to introduce Darryl Rogers.

Darryl Rogers

Gentlemen, this is on football playoffs. I found there seems to be some questions about the football playoffs with people in Division II. One is on the number of scholarships we have. I don't know how many people in here have 36 scholarships. There are others that have half of that and there are others on need-based aid. I represent a conference in the northeast where we have 15 universities and colleges and 12 of them are playing football and we are on need-based aid. We also have our own playoffs. From our standpoint, we're looking at a situation where we have 12 teams, we have conference affiliates playing each other, and we're able to have a 12th game and have our own playoff. Does that mean we can't play in the NCAA playoff? No, but we have the right to be chosen to be in there. I don't know if we're good enough to be in there versus 36, but at the same time, that is an issue. The issue is also, if I only have 20 scholarships, how do I fare against the guys who have 36?

From an athletics director's standpoint, our philosophy is definitely not to lower anyone's scholarship requirements. We're not into thinking if you've got 36, by golly, you shouldn't have 36, you should be down to 25. My philosophy is that our university is picked whatever way they want to play and that's the way it should be. I don't want to bring anybody else down. I would like to put our program up. If we've only got 20 scholarships, we will have a philosophy that requests two different championships in Division II, those with and those without. From my standpoint, I feel that I would like to have it so if I'm good enough to play the guys with 36, some years I think we'd be able to. Also, there is discussion somewhere along the line and where this is all going and coming from, I can't tell you. That is, that I-AA is talking about having the same problem. They've got some people with 65, but they've also got some people with 30. They're talking about affiliations that will be able to intermix with these people and have some type of playoff games.

Where that's coming from, you guys may have a better idea than I do, because I had no idea that this was being discussed. I got some information about it from the January NCAA meetings in San Diego. I have no idea how far it's gone or where it's gone. Maybe you guys have that, but I don't. I'm opening this up for discussion. If you know anything about this, let me know. I'd like to know which way we'd like to go. What is your problem with Division II's playoff besides they don't give us enough money, number of teams in the playoff? The only issues we have with that are trying to get the NCAA to accept more. That doesn't seem to be the issue. I'm all for more teams having championship opportunities. We have to convince the NCAA to pay for those.

(Discussion from the floor was inaudible.)