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NCAA Division II Breakout Session
An Era of Change - Division II Athletics Directors' Association Membership Services
(Tuesday, June 16, 10:15 - 11:00 a.m.)

Ron Prettyman:

My name is Ron Prettyman, director of athletics at Cal State Dominquez Hills and a member of NACDA's Executive Committee. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Jim Fallis, the current president of the Division II Athletics Directors' Association. He is the athletics director at Northern Colorado University. This organization was spearheaded and brought into the focus of the forefront by Jim a few years ago. He laid the groundwork and prepared the foundation for this whole thing and got a few of us interested in it. As we look at the value of it and see the kinds of things that we need to have a voice in, that we've not ever been organized and represented before, this is a good idea for us as you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the initial couple of years of the Division II Athletics Director Association.

Jim, thanks for your hard work in putting this thing together. I'll turn it over to you at this point.

Jim Fallis:

Thanks Ron. I want to welcome everybody and thank you. Ron gives me more credit than I deserve. It was through discussions with numerous individuals such as yourself that we got to this point. It's interesting that we, as athletics directors, talk a lot about what we can do and what's happening. I've just got a couple of questions, if you'll indulge me for a couple of minutes. I wonder how many athletics directors are here? Great. How many of you serve on one or more NCAA committees? Good. We've got some active people. How many of you ever wondered why the athletics directors conference is toward the end of the fiscal year? I'm wondering about that quite a bit. How many of you have budget concerns? How many of you are concerned about whether you're going to make your budget next year? How many of you feel like other people are making decisions and you get to implement those decisions? A few of you. How many of you don't have enough time to enjoy the student-athletes you should be working with?

I do senior exit interviews year in and year out and a couple of things come to the forefront. Mr. Fallis, why don't you travel with us more? Mr. Fallis, why don't you market our programs more? Mr. Fallis, why don't you get more people to our athletics events? Tough questions. How many of you don't have a designated athletics development director? There's an association called the National Association of Athletic Development Directors (NAADD) and it fits in nicely with the Division I athletics directors because they've all got athletics development directors. It doesn't fit in well with us because we are doing the athletics development. How many of you don't have a designated athletic marketing director. I've got a feeling all of the hands going up are the people that are doing the same thing. How many of you, when making decisions, would like to have more information on national Division II budgets? How many of you would like to have more information on national Division II athletics director salaries, coaches salaries, assistants salaries? How many of you, year in and year out, go to your superior and fight for increases in your coaching salaries? How many of you have somebody going in and fighting for increases in your salaries? How many feel like you're always, or most of the time, taking time to help others, leaving little or no time for yourself? If you've raised your hand just one time, I know you're going to look forward to what I'm going to say.

The Division II Athletics Directors Association came about a year and a half ago. A group like us was talking about needing to get focused and channeled. We have the association of marketing directors, we've got the association of athletic development directors. We've got the association of compliance coordinators. We've got the association for the faculty athletic reps. We even have the association for the SWA. But, there wasn't an association for the athletics directors themselves. We were being led, we were following and we needed to take some time, step back and take some action and get a hold on what was going on. That's how we came about.

We felt we needed to have representation from every conference in Division II. We tried as effectively as possible, as much as we could, to get the word out to everyone that we want to have Division II athletics directors choose a representative from their conferences to be your representative on a Division II Athletics Directors Board of Directors.

We got a very good response from that and I want to applaud all of the people who've been on the Board for the last two years. We've had very good response and we've had very good attendance. We have no money. All we have is a dream, people with good time management skills and they've been able to dedicate their time to come forward in helping with this. We had a Board meeting on Sunday. It was our third or fourth meeting. I'm very excited to announce and you'll see it in your minutes in front of you from the meeting on Sunday, that the Division II Athletics Directors Association is going to affiliate with NACDA. It is going to bring tremendous and exciting new possibilities to what we're trying to do in the field of intercollegiate athletics.

When you look at Division I, you look at Division II and Division III, we really are the trench guides. Division I has all of the administrative help. Yes, they've got budget problems, but it's in Division II where we've got the scholarship issue, we don't have the attendance, we don't have the television. In Division III, you don't have the scholarship issues and it's a little bit more of a homegrown type of sense. I really feel that at our level, we have the biggest and the most challenges and we need to organize and we need to start to communicate and bring forward some thoughts and ideas.

In front of you, hopefully, everyone by now has this, is a summary of our Board of Directors Meeting that we had on Sunday. In there, you will see the action that was taken to affiliate with NACDA.

There is a second sheet that is a membership benefits of the NACDA Division II Athletics Directors Association. I'm not going to repeat these things, but there are eight key points there. The fact that you have copies of the minutes and you have this information is something that was done because of NACDA's willingness to help us as the Division II Athletics Directors Association.

I would like to take a minute and introduce the members of the Executive Committee. These are individuals that were elected by the Board. Our first vice president and next year's president is Phil Roach; our first vice president next year is Ron Prettyman from Cal State Dominquez Hills; our second vice president next year is Dave Coffey from Northwood University in Michigan; and I'm real happy to announce that in our first formal election, we have selected and Jim Battle has graciously accepted to be our third vice president for next year. We also have Board Members with us. I know I'm probably going to forget somebody, but let me try anyway. Jim Jordan, Randy Warrick, Bob Carlson, Bill Gross, Mac Cassell is here, Bryce Casto, new from the West Virginia State Conference, Joe Donahue from Stanislaus, Bill Cloud from the Lone Star, Don Kaverman from the Mid-American and Dick Young from the Sunshine. These are some of the Board Members.

We have to begin to communicate and if you want help from the Association, let these folks know where the challenges and where the problems are. I am extremely excited about what's happening. As we move forward with this, it's going to give you information that you need to be a more effective manager. I hope it will reduce some of the frustration you may be experiencing as an athletics director at the Division II level. I hope we can accomplish some things over the course of the next few years that will make your feel good about being a member of the Division II Athletics Directors Association and I really have a sense that we're moving in the right direction.

As you know, it's out of format to turn around and pass out minutes from a Board meeting so recently. Typically, they would be published following that, but we wanted to give you a sense of what to place in the Board. It's historic from the standpoint of our affiliation with NACDA.

One of the questions that has already come up and I want to address is the issue of cost and billing. Because of our affiliation with NACDA, NACDA is going to be able to provide us with the opportunity to send the bills out while they're sending out the NACDA billings. I would certainly hope that each and every one of you will see a value in this Association and will see the $100 annual membership as a worthwhile benefit.

Certainly, again, we seem to find the money to pay for other members of our staff to belong to associations, whether it's coaches' associations or compliance associations, I would hope we would set this $100 aside and make sure that we become a member and are affiliated with this Association.

The dues will go to help give us a staff person at NACDA that will be a liaison for us. That individual can help us set up our meetings, organize our conference calls and move things forward that need to be moved forward.

One of the real challenges, I have to tell you, is that we have tried to put out a couple of newsletters. We tried to fax out the last one and my staff was going crazy with the fax numbers. It's amazing how they can end up wrong in the directory. That's one of the things we hope is going to come out of this, that we have accurate phone numbers, addresses and E-mail addresses. That will be something that will be taken care of for us at the NACDA office.

When we have our Board meeting here or at the national convention, they will have a staff person there to do the minutes for us. They'll be recorded and typed up from that information. It will be very accurate and precise.

When we talk about getting survey information out and trying to collect survey information, that's something that NACDA will provide for us as an Association. They are, as you know, taking in a number of different organizations such as NAADD and the Division I -AA Association. This is just another association that can umbrella underneath that.

The other thing in our discussions with Bob Vecchione is that they're going to be developing an alliance of athletics administrators and, basically, coordinating and having a board that will meet and talk about commonality of issues, if there are commonality of issues, between Division II athletics directors and I-AAs, I-As and other groups that fall under their umbrella.

NACDA did provide us with some information that 222 Division II institutions belong to NACDA. We feel that we would hope to get 75 percent of the membership joining the association to start with. You're here. You have a better sense of your compatriots who are not here of what the value of this is and what it can do for us. It can provide us with an avenue to network and have a voice on the issues that are forthcoming. Hopefully, everybody will recognize the value and join us in this effort.

It's interesting that the National Association of Athletic Development Directors has recognized a Donor of the Year at the university division and at the college division, a Volunteer of the Year and a Fund Raiser of the Year. I was talking to the NACDA staff yesterday and there were no individuals that were recognized at the college division. There's a reason for that, because in Division II, you don't have membership in that and the membership is typically an athletics director who's trying to figure out some athletics development ideas and thoughts and that's one of the things that this Association can do is work with NAADD. I think each one of us have fund raisers, volunteers and donors who deserve to be recognized for what they do for our universities and colleges.

I was fortunate enough to have the president of our booster association recognized last year in Las Vegas as a Volunteer of the Year and it totally re-energized this individual. He's set and ready to go and enthusiastic about the program. We had a donor recognized two years earlier and I think that helped us get another endowment of $1.25 million from him. He really appreciated it. Again, that's something that fits in Division I. Their development directors are nominating people left and right and Division II has fallen through the cracks because we've got to do it all. That's something that I hope this Association can help do for us as well.

Ron Prettyman:

I want to thank everybody. I've had a great time last year and I think it's going to be a lot of fun and we're heading in the right direction. Thank you for taking the time. I know you're going to want to run over to the Exhibit Hall and try to win that umbrella from Jones Sporting Goods. Thank you. The next session will begin at 11:00 a.m.