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All NACDA Members
Annual NACDA Business Session
(Wednesday, June 12, 10:45 - 11:15 a.m.)

Jim Copeland:

This has been one of the better Conventions we have had and I can say that, having as little to do with it other than being at the podium, as anybody in the room. Our Executive Committee has done an excellent job of moderating panels, breakout sessions and setting up the round tables. This is truly a group effort and one that, as you get into the Executive Committee, you learn your first February meeting, is something everybody puts together and makes work. You've seen the staff around all week. They make it easy for us. They do an excellent job of supporting us, leading the president by the chain to the next meeting and making sure it runs the way it should. I, as president, want to show my appreciation to the Officers and the Executive Committee for what they have done this week.

I'd like to bring Art Eason to the podium for the Secretary's Report.

Art Eason:

Good morning. This morning, I'm pleased to have the opportunity to share with you a few of the highlights of the Association during the 1995-96 year. A complete detailed report, including the financial status of NACDA will be available in the Proceedings of this, our 31st Convention. Following the Convention, NACDA reached an agreement with Host Communications, Inc., to publish Athletics Administration. The first issue published by Host was the August issue which featured a new look. On August 26, NACDA held the sixth Pigskin Classic on the campus of the University of Michigan. It marked the first time the Classic was held on a campus site. A total of 101,444 people filled Michigan Stadium to see Michigan defeat the University of Virginia, 18-17. The 13th annual Kickoff Classic, held the following day, found Ohio State University defeating Boston College, 38-6, in front of 62,110 people.

In the fall, NACDA, once again teamed up with the AFCA to start College Football USA (CoFUSA), a joint marketing program to promote the sport of football. It serves as a source for sponsorship, licensing, television and radio productions and custom publishing. Throughout the course of the season, 63 Division I-A institutions and 154 non I-A institutions placed a 6' x 6' CoFUSA banner in their football stadium. The banner was also used at the Aloha, Carquest, Citrus, Copper, Cotton, Fiesta, Gator, Heritage, Holiday, Hula, Independence, Las Vegas, Liberty, Outback, Rose, Sugar and Sun Bowls. Additionally, the Carquest, Citrus, Cotton, Gator, Fiesta, Holiday, Orange, Outback, Rose and Sugar Bowls used the Wilson football bearing the CoFUSA logo.

A series of staff changes occurred in the national office. At the end of August, Matt Wolfert, assistant executive director/administration resigned to accept a position at Home Team Advantage. Joining the staff were Brian Horning as assistant director of NACDA Foundation Scholarships and assistant membership coordinator and Melissa Dukov and Pat Manak as assistant directors of administration. On October 1, NACDA joined the information super highway by offering a home page on the Internet. NACDA's home page features information on the Association, NACMA and NAADD, Sears Directors' Cup, College Football USA, Athletics Administration, upcoming events, the NACDA Card and Collegiate Directories.

The 30th Annual Facilities, Fund Raising and Marketing Workshop was held November 12-14 at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia and was hosted by Georgia Tech. The event drew more than 250 NACDA members and exhibitors. For the third consecutive year, NACDA joined forces with the USOC to present the Workshop. This year, there were 12 sessions -- six facility, three fund raising and three marketing.

In January, the Officers and Executive Committee met in Marco Island to plan this year's Convention. The Finance-Management Committee met and submitted the entire fiscal report to the Executive Committee for its approval. Brigham Young University was selected as host for the Pigskin Classic, marking the second time the game will be held on a campus site. Texas A&M University was chosen as BYU's opponent. The game will be played on Saturday, August 24. Penn State and the University of Southern California were picked to compete in the Kickoff Classic on Saturday, August 25.

At the NCAA convention in January, NACDA sponsored three Amendments-to-Amendments, of which, two were passed. Passing was an amendment which changed the time limit in which an institution could compete in an exempt preseason football game from eight to four years. Also passing, was the amendment which changed the term host/member institution to host/participating institution and referred to the amount of money to be received from a preseason game. The third amendment sought to change the number of teams from the same conference from one to two teams. This amendment was tabled and referred to the NCAA Special Events Committee.

At the national office, Bob Vecchione, the assistant executive director for communications and marketing was promoted to associate executive director.

In April, the fifth annual Division I Athletic Directors Forum was held in New York in conjunction with the Final Four. More than 250 NACDA members were in attendance.

As was announced yesterday, Stanford University won the third annual Sears Directors' Cup for Division I. The Cardinals posted 961.5 points. UCLA was second with 836.0 points; Florida was third with 731.5 points. Texas was fourth with 700.0 points and Michigan was fifth with 689.0 points. Winning the inaugural NAIA Sears Directors' Cup was Pacific Lutheran University from Tacoma, Washington with 571.0 points. Rounding out the top five were Simon Fraser from Canada, in second with 529.0 points; Mobile was third with 526.0 points, Berry of Georgia was fourth with 456.0 points; and Azusa Pacific of California was fifth with 432.5 points.

The inaugural Division II Sears Directors Cup winner was California-Davis with 610.0 points. Coming in second was Abilene Christian of Texas with 484.0 points, followed by North Dakota State with 470.5 points; South Dakota State with 407.5 points; and California State-Bakersfield was fifth with 404.0 points.

Winning the Division III Sears Directors' Cup was Williams College from Williamstown, Massachusetts, with 782.0 points. They were followed by California-San Diego with 718.0 points. Wisconsin-Oshkosh was third with 593.0 points; Trenton State College of New Jersey was fourth with 543.5 points; and Rowan College of New Jersey was fifth with 490.5 points.

As of this Convention, NACDA membership stands at 1,500 institutions and more than 5,100 individuals. Thank you for your attendance at the Convention.

Jim Copeland:

Our first vice president, Barbara Hedges, will give the Necrology Report.

Barbara Hedges:

Ladies and gentlemen, the following people have departed from our membership during the past year. They are Bob Brodhead, Louisiana State University; James Brooks, University of Texas-Pan American; John Donnelly, Highlands University; Frank Howard, Clemson University; Carl Maddox, Louisiana State University and Mississippi State University; Leo Miles, Howard University; Ray Pepin, Stonehill College; John Randolph, College of William and Mary; George Shebler, Eastern College Athletic Conference; George Smith, University of Cincinnati; Ken Wilchen, St. Mary's University-Minnesota; and John Zinda, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps University. Will you please rise and offer a moment of silence for those members who have passed away since last year's Convention. Thank you.

Jim Copeland:

I call to the podium now Gene Smith, chair of the Nominating Committee.

Gene Smith:

Let me congratulate Jim Copeland and the Officers for putting together such a fine Convention. They deserve a round of applause. I saw Joe Fisher over there running a round table for dealing with difficult ADs. I think we ought to have him back next year.

Let me take this opportunity, on behalf of the Nominating Committee, to present to you the following slate for Officers and Executive Committee Members. For Officers, consistent with normal progression, president, replacing Jim Copeland, Barbara Hedges, University of Washington, Division I-A; first vice president, Vince Dooley, University of Georgia, Division I-A; second vice president, Fred Gruninger, Rutgers University, Division I-A; third vice president, Jim Livengood, University of Arizona, Division I-A. The Executive Committee representatives: University District 1 is Bob Marcum, University of Massachusetts, Division I-AA, replacing Bill Cleary, Harvard University, Division I-AA; University District 4, Joe Roberson, University of Michigan, Division I-A replacing Bill Bradshaw, DePaul University, Division I-AA; College District 4 is Porter Miller, Earlham College, Division III replacing Anthony "Tony" DeCarlo, John Carroll University, Division III. At-Large District 4, Miechelle Willis, Ohio State University, Division I-A replacing Elaine Dreidame, University of Dayton, Division I-AA; At-Large District 8, Barbara Walker, University of Oregon, Division I-A, replacing, from the University of Hawaii, Division I-A, Marilyn Moniz-Kaho'ohanohano. At-Large, replacing Steve Morgan from the NCAA, is Tricia Bork, NCAA. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your slate of Officers and Executive Committee representatives for 1996-97. I will accept a motion from the floor to pass on this slate. I have a first and second.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Jim Copeland:

This is a momentous occasion. Not only do you see me leave the podium, but you see the first woman to ever hold this post come to it, Barbara Hedges.

Barbara Hedges:

Thank you very much, Jim. I will be very brief. I want to thank Jim Copeland, and certainly, the Executive Committee for putting on a great Convention. It makes my job even tougher next year. I am thrilled to be the next president of NACDA, not only because I'm the first woman to be the president, but this is a great organization and I certainly want to make my contribution to intercollegiate athletics and this is one of the ways I can do it. So, thank you very much. Jim, I'll turn it back to you.

Jim Copeland:

We have the winners from the various exhibitors back on the bulletin board. You need to check to see if your name is listed as a winner. If so, go straight to the exhibitor today after this is over.

We do have the grand prize drawing today for the trip to Paris and if Jim Healy will join me from J.D. Healy & Associates. He's not in the room. Deborah Dunston is here and will join me. Deborah has made this trip for two to Paris possible for us and I'm going to ask Barbara Hedges to draw the winner's name for us. You don't have to be here to win. We had a little bit of a problem last year, but we're going to establish that if the name comes out, that's the winner.

Deborah Dunston:

The winner of the trip for two to Paris with four nights accommodations is Lawrence P. Boyd from Framington State College. I would like to say congratulations to Larry Boyd. I've had a lot of people come up and ask me for this trip. We appreciate your support and it's been an honor being a part of this Convention. Thank you very much.

Jim Copeland:

We just learned that Larry is retiring in 17 days. If anybody deserves it, he does. Is there any other business to come before this session? If not, we have the last round table discussion at the end of this meeting and the meeting is adjourned.