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All NACDA Members
Annual NACDA Business Session
(Wednesday, June 21, 11:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon)

Gene Smith:

I would like to turn the meeting over to Art Eason who will give our Secretary's Report.

Art Eason:

This morning, I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you a few of our Association's highlights for the 1994-95 year. A complete detailed report, including the financial status of NACDA will be available in the proceedings of this, our 30th Convention.

Following the Convention last year, it was announced that the University of North Carolina won the inaugural Sears Directors' Cup with 806.5 points. North Carolina won the cup led by national championships in women's soccer and women's basketball. Stanford University was second with 786.5 points; followed by UCLA, third with 779.5 points; the University of Florida, fourth with 768.0 points; and Penn State, fifth with 756.0 points. The Cup was presented to North Carolina Director of Athletics John Swofford at the CoSIDA Convention in Denver and at halftime at the North Carolina-North Carolina State football game in October.

In the summer, Warner Alford resigned as athletics director at the University of Mississippi, thus resigning his post as NACDA 1st vice president. To fill the vacancy, Jim Copeland of Virginia moved from 2nd to 1st vice president and Barbara Hedges of Washington, from 3rd to 2nd vice president. Vince Dooley of the University of Georgia, was selected as NACDA 3rd vice president. Filling his opening on the Executive Committee was Dave Hart, Jr. of East Carolina University.

On August 28, NACDA held the 12th Kickoff Classic, which saw the University of Nebraska defeat West Virginia University 31-0. The fifth annual Disneyland Pigskin Classic found Ohio State University defeating Fresno State 34-10.

In the fall, NACDA once again teamed with the AFCA to start College Football USA, a joint program of sponsorship, licensing/merchandising, publicity, promotions, public relations and marketing.

A change in the NACDA structure occurred in the fall with the realignment of districts. In the past, NACDA's district alignment did not follow strict state boundaries; exceptions were made based on conference affiliation. However, the Officers decided to readjust the district alignment to a traditional state representation for all districts with no exceptions. NACDA's districts now mirror the NCAA's districts.

Debbie Yow, a member of the Executive Committee and director of athletics at St. Louis University, stepped down to take the AD position at the University of Maryland. Due to the change in districts, Yow had to resign her post on the Committee, and was replaced by Bob Bowlsby, director of men's athletics at the University of Iowa.

The 29th annual Facilities Clinic was held December 12-13 at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, and was hosted by the University of Nevada-Las Vegas for the fourth consecutive year. Marketing was added to the Clinic which was renamed the Facilities, Fund Raising and Marketing Clinic. The event drew more than 250 NACDA members and exhibitors. For the second consecutive year, NACDA joined forces with the USOC to present the Clinic.

In conjunction with the 125th Anniversary of College Football, the NACDA office sent participation certificates to football student-athletes at every NCAA- and NAIA-football playing institution. This total numbered more than 70,000 certificates.

In January, NACDA learned the Fairmont Hotel in New Orleans, the site of the 1995 Convention, was scheduled to be renovated during the dates of our Convention. Due to the inconvenience this would have caused the membership, the Officers decided to relocate the Convention and the Sahara was chosen for the site. However, the dates of the Convention were pushed back a week.

Later in January, the Officers and Executive Committee met in Marco Island to plan this year's Convention. The Finance-Management Committee met and submitted the entire financial report to the Executive Committee for its approval.

With the completion of the Disney contract, a new site was selected for the Pigskin Classic. For the first time, a campus site was chosen, at the University of Michigan. The University of Virginia was later chosen as Michigan's opponent, while ABC Sports entered into a multi-year agreement to televise the game.

In April, the fourth annual Division I Athletics Directors Forum was held in Seattle, Washington, in conjunction with the Final Four. More than 250 NACDA members and exhibitors were in attendance.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the Sears Directors' Cup program will be expanded beginning with the 1995-96 season to include all four-year institutions. The program, which had only been for Division I, will now include trophies and scholarships for Division II, Division III and the NAIA. There will be a total of four trophies and 104 postgraduate scholarships for athletic support personnel.

As was announced yesterday, Stanford University won the second annual Sears Directors' Cup trophy. The Cardinal posted 971.5 points and won an astounding five national titles. Last year's winner, the University of North Carolina, placed second, followed by UCLA, the University of Arizona and the University of Florida.

Two new NACDA member benefits were initiated this year, including the NACDA Card, a travel and merchandise discount card, which was available to NACDA members beginning in the spring. The second new benefit will be initiated this summer when NACDA puts a page on the Internet. We will begin by placing Athletics Administration, along with our releases and marketing brochure on our page. The information and services to NACDA members will expand once we receive the results from the questionnaire that was enclosed in your packets. As we progress into the net, we will create a classified directory and also an apparel catalog from Adidas which will allow our members to order directly from their computer and receive the NACDA-member discounts. We also will place information on the NACDA Card and information on future NACDA meetings on the bulletin board.

As of this Convention, NACDA membership stands at 1,500 institutions and more than 5,100 individuals. Thank you all for your attendance at the Convention.

Jim Copeland:

Since our Convention last year, the following members have passed away:
    Dean C. Bailey, Lincoln Memorial University; Arthur D. Barnett, Alabama State University; Edward E. Bozik, University of Pittsburgh; Paul Brand, University of Alabama-Huntsville; Howard Gentry, Sr., Tennessee State University; Hugh Hindman, Ohio State University; Ulysses Jones, Southern University & A&M; Lawrence McDermott, Millersville University; Boyd McWhorter, Southeastern Conference; Andy Mooradian, University of New Hampshire; Cliff Speegle, Southwest Conference; Frank Thoms, Jr., Williams College; and John M. Tulley, Elizabethtown College.

Please rise and join me in a moment of silence. Thank you.

Gene Smith:

Before I get into the Nominating Report, there's a couple of announcements. There's some blue evaluation sheets on your tables. Please take time to fill those out. Dennis Becknell has some more handouts on what athletic directors do. Those of you who are staying on for the Daktronics golf tournament, please make sure you go to the Daktronics booth to get further information.

At this point in time, I'd like to give the Nominating Committee Report. John Swofford is not with us and in his absence, I'll give the report. The Officers for 1995-96 - President Jim Copeland, Southern Methodist University; 1st Vice President Barbara Hedges, University of Washington; 2nd Vice President Vince Dooley, University of Georgia; 3rd Vice President Fred Gruninger from Rutgers University. Let's give them a round of applause.

I'd like to submit for your approval the Executive Committee representatives for next year. University Division: District 2, Dominic DiJulia from St. Joseph's University; District 7, Chuck Bell, Utah State University; District 8, Lee McElroy, Cal State University-Sacramento; Junior/Community College: Area 3 -Districts 5 and 6, Lori DeGarmo, Johnson Community College; At-Large: District 2, Pat Thomas, Georgetown University; District 5, Betsy Stephenson, University of Kansas; District 6, Cathy Beene, University of Texas-Arlington; District 7, Terri Howes, University of Wyoming; District 8, Marilyn Moniz-Kaho'ohanohano; At-Large, James Frank, Southwestern Athletic Conference; and At-Large Affiliate, Betty Jaynes, Women's Basketball Coaches Association. I'd appreciate a motion to pass this slate. All those in favor, say aye. Congratulations to our new Executive Committee Members.

At this time, I'd like to thank all of the exhibitors and sponsors of all of the activities we've had for this Convention. It certainly was a great opportunity for all of us to get through and see the different type of things in our industry and we really appreciate their support.

At this time, we're going to have the grand prize drawing which is a trip for two, four nights accommodations to Munich, Germany. This year's grand prize is sponsored by International Sport, Inc. and here to talk a little about that is Deborah Lile-Dunston.

Deborah Lile-Dunston:

It is such an honor and pleasure to be here and I'm so happy that I've had an opportunity to speak to so many of you one-on-one. International Sport does take teams of all sports oversees for competition, primarily Europe and Australia. So, if any of your teams are looking at doing this, I do hope you'll contact us and let us speak with them. Another thing we do is, if you are having a tournament or if you simply would like foreign competition to come to your area to compete, to get a little publicity, or add a little spice to something you're already doing, we also make those arrangements. I'm looking forward to hearing from more of you.

Now, we'll draw that card. Joan Taylor, associate director of athletics at Brown University. Congratulations.

Gene Smith:

Thank you Deborah and congratulations Joan. My year as your president has been enjoyable and I appreciated the opportunity. I hope all of you enjoyed this year's Convention. We tried to stretch the outer edge of the envelope a little bit with some of our topics. I hope we successfully did that. We wanted to encourage thinking by providing some provocative comments in our Opening Session and I hope we did that. I've enjoyed it. I'd like to turn over the gavel to our new President for next year, Jim Copeland.

Jim Copeland:

At dinner the other night, I was talking to John Swofford and he was talking about me succeeding Gene as president of this organization. He said he was deeply concerned about the direction of the organization when you had one offensive lineman succeeding another as president. If I can do half the job that Gene Smith has done this year, we will dispel some of those unfortunate stereotypes of offensive linemen. Gene, thank you very much.

He really has done a great job. It's been a chance for me to get to know him a little bit better as we planned, certainly to get to know the staff a little better and I'm looking forward to next year. Gene, as a token from NACDA, and it can only be a token, for what you've done for us.

I'd like to remind the Executive Committee that we will meet early, in the next 10 minutes. If there are no other comments, the Convention is closed.