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29th NACDA Convention
June 5-8, 1994

Opening Remarks and Keynote Address
  • John Swofford, Dick Schultz

    Awards Luncheons

    James J. Corbett Awards Luncheon
  • John Swofford, Betty Kruczek, Bill Byrne, Mike Tirico, Tom Hansen, Jack Powers, Clay Chapman, Cedric Dempsey, Dick Schultz, Jim Jones

    General Sessions

    Restructuring - Reinventing the Wheel
  • Gene Smith, Cedric Dempsey, Dennis Collins

    Total Quality Management: How It Can Work For Your Athletic Department

  • Gene Hooks, Don Casselman, Doug Lang, Mary Ann Heath

    Gender Equity and the Future

  • Jim Livengood, Susan Bradshaw

    Staff Training: Diversity Awareness Issues

  • Kathleen McNally, Stan Johnson, Clint Bryant, Dick Rasmussen

    Emerging Sports

  • Clayton Chapman, Dan Sharadin

    The Nuts and Bolts of Title IX

  • Kathy Noble, Janet Justus, Tom Close, Lamar Daniel, Diane Wendt

    NACDA Annual Business Session

  • John Swofford, Betty Kruczek, Gene Smith, Jim Jones

    Division I

    Divisional Concerns in Restructuring
  • Warner Alford, Jim Jarrett, Roy Kramer, Bucky Wagner, Tom Yeager, Brad Hovious, Conrad Colbert, Doug Fullerton, Cedric Dempsey

    Division II

    Financial Aid: What are our Options?
  • Ed Sherlock, Phil Roach, Margo Harbison

    Division III

    Divisional Concerns in Restructuring
  • Betty Kruczek, Cedric Dempsey, John Schael, John Harvey, Dave Johnsen, Dennis Collins

    Marketing Your Program

  • Tim Gleason, Greg Lockard, John Schael

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