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All NACDA Members
NACDA Annual Business Session
(Wednesday, June 8 --11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)

John Swofford:

If I could have your attention, please, let's begin our annual business session. First of all, I want to thank Bobbi Carson and Bob Thompson for the outstanding job that they did in co-moderating our round tables and putting the topics together. Let's give them a big hand. Now, I'd like to all on our secretary, Betty Kruczek for our Secretary's Report.

Betty Kruczek:

This morning, I'm pleased to have the opportunity to share with you just a few of our Association's highlights for 1993- 94. A complete detailed report, including the financial status ofNACDA will be available in the proceedings of this, our 29th Convention. Following our 1993 Convention in San Diego, it was announced that NACDA would be inaugurating an awards program, the Directors' Cup Award. This program is the first-ever, cross-sectional all sports national recognition award for both men and women. To determine the championship, as you have heard, points are awarded on the basis of each institution's finish in 22 sports; 10 core sports for men, 10 core sports for women and one wild card sport for each, men and women. The winner will receive the trophy we saw at our banquet yesterday designed by the Waterford Crystal Company.

At the Meadowlands on August 28, NACDA held it's 11 th Kickoff Classic which saw Florida State beat the University of Kansas. The fourth annual Disneyland Pigskin Classic fo~d the University of North Carolina defeating the University of Southern California. For the lOth consecutive year, the NACDA Foundation assisted the NAJA at it's annual convention by sponsoring a seminar. The theme for the presentation on sportsmanship and sport efforts was given by Jennifer Bellar of Eastern Michigan University and Kathy Stoll of the University of Idaho.

In November, it was announced that Sears would be our official sponsor of the Director's Cup Award. In addition to the trophy, four $5000 postgraduate scholarships would be presented to students who are members of the athletic support staff, cheer leaders, band members, student managers, trainers, sports information assistants. Following the completion of the fall sports, we all read that Penn State took the early lead. In that same month, NACDA distributed the Centennial Celebration of our Profession, the commemorative publication, to celebrate the lOOth anniversary of the profession of athletic directors.

The month of November also marked a changing in the NACDA offices. Ced Dempsey resigned as athletic director at the University of Arizona to become NCAA's third executive director. In accepting that post, he stepped down as NACDA's fIrst-vice president. Gene Smith, athletic director at Iowa State, moved from second-to first-vice president while Warner Alford, from the University of Mississippi, moved from third-vice president to second-vice president. A third-vice president was named by the Officers when we met at the NCAA Convention in January, naming Jim Copeland, athletic director at the University of Virginia, to that position.

The 28th annual Facilities and Fund Raising Clinic was held December 13-14 at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and was hosted by the University ofNevada-Las Vegas for the third consecutive year. The event was moved from October, our very busy time in athletics, to December and it drew over 250 NACDA members and exhibitors. The USOC provided information on Olympic participation including the scheduling ofpre-and postseason Olympic events, an overview ofUSOC Grant Program and the assistance in insuring the facilities will meet international standards. Another change in the Facilities Clinic was the shortening the length of the sessions to one-half hour sessions each with the addition of a number of sessions offered.

In February, the Officers and Executive Committee met here at Marco Island to plan this year's Convention. The Management-Finance Committee met and submitted the entire financial report to the Executive Committee for it's approval. It will be so noted in this Convention's Proceedings Report.

In March, it was announced that NACDA was teaming with the American Football Coaches Association to celebrate it's 125th anniversary of college football. The fall of 1994 marks the commemorative season which will be promoted as a "Season of Celebration." A new logo was designed which will be displayed on football fields and uniforms across the country .Other plans including merchandise apparel and promotional opportunities.

In April, the third annual Division I Athletics Directors Forum was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, in conjunction with the Final Four. Over 150 athletic administrators attended the conclave for sessions on Televised Sports in the Year 2000 and Life After Directorship. There were also breakouts for Division I-A, I-AA and I-AAA.

With the completion of the winter sports, the University of Michigan had now jumped from 14th place to fIrst in the Sears Director's Cup. As we near the completion of this 1993-94 season, UCLA now has taken the commanding lead in the Sears Director's Cup ratings. With results completed in all sports, but men and women's track and field, men's golf and baseball, UCLA now stands at 744.

As of this Convention, NACDA membership now stands at 1,500 institutions and close to 4,500 individuals. This has been a great Convention. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your secretary for the last five years. It has been an honor and a privilege, for you are the best!

John Swofford:

It has obviously been an active year for NACDA and, Betty, again, thank you from all of us for the wonderful job that you have done over the past five years. Let me ask our First Vice President Gene Smith, to give the Necrology Report.

Gene Smith:

Thank you John. Ladies and gentlemen, the following people have departed from our membership during the past year. Presley Askew, New Mexico State University; Earl Banks, Morgan State University; Thomas Caldwell, Elizabeth City State University; Alonzo J. Gaither, Florida A&M University; Harry Hall, Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference; Robert Hall, Yale University; Tom Hamilton, Pac-IO Conference; Jesse Hill, University of Southern California; James Liebertz, Merchant Marine; Arad McCutchan, University of Evansville; Casimir Myslinski, University of Pittsburgh; Burton O'Connor, Illinois State University; Bill Peterson, Central Florida and Rice Universities; Brother Michael Reynolds, Salve Regina University; Tom Scott, Davidson College; Paul Smith, Rockhurst College, Max Sparger, Wisconsin State University Conference; Chuck Taylor, Stanford University; Bud Wilkinson, University of Oklahoma. Please rise and offer a moment of silence for these members who have passed away since last year's Convention. Thank you.

John Swofford:

Next, let me call on our immediate past president and Chairman of our Nominating Committee, Jim Jones, for the Nominating Committee Report.

Jim Jones:

Thank you, John. On behalf of the Nominating Committee, we'd like to place the following names in nomination: for the Executive Committee, College District 1, Louise O'Neal, Wellesley College, replacing Larry Boyd; College District 6, Mike Chandler, West Texas A&M, replacing Margo Harbison; Junior Community College Area 1, John Stauff, Ocean County College, replacing Bob Thompson; Junior Community College Area 4, Mike Jacobson, Utah Valley Community College replacing Bob Dinaberg; At-Large District 3, Beth Miller, University of North Carolina, replacing Ann Marie Lawler; At-Large Affiliate, Wright Waters, Southern Conference, replacing Steve Hatchel and for the Officers: Secretary, Art Eason, William Paterson College, replacing Betty Kruczek; Third- Vice President, Barbara Hedges, University of Washington, Second- Vice President, Jim Copeland, University of Virginia, First- Vice President, Warner Alford, University of Mississippi and for President, Gene Smith, Iowa State University .Mr. President, I so move.

John Swofford:

Motion has been accepted. Any motions from the floor. All in favor say, yes and all opposed, say no. That's good because I didn't know what I was going to do if anyone objected. The exhibitor giveaways are on the bulletin board outside. If you want to find out if you've won anything, check the board as you leave. The grand prize which consists of air fare for two on Delta Airlines and accommodations for four nights at either Disneyland or Disney World compliments of the Walt Disney Company. The exhibitor which was chosen earlier this morning to select the winning card is Gardner & Geldmacher. Here to select the grand prize winner if JoAnn Police.

The winner is Mary Anne Dowling of Villanova University. Congratulations.

With that, let me say thank you for giving me the honor and privilege of serving as your president this year. I certainly enjoyed it and I appreciate all of the help that the Executive Committee has given me. Particularly, the staff, Matt, Bob, Laurie and Dorothy and, certainly, Mike. They do a tremendous job and I'm not certain if we all fully realize that. I'd like you to give them a big hand. Thank you.

It has been an honor and a privilege and it's meant a great deal to me and I thank you for that. With that, let me turn the gavel over to your new President, Gene Smith.

Gene Smith:

Thank you, John. John, this is for everything you've done for us, we really appreciate it and you've done a great job. I've learned a lot from you and we just want to share this remembrance with you.

I also want to thank the membership and the NACDA office for all of the things that we've been able to do for this year's Convention. As first-vice president, one of our primary responsibilities is to put this Convention together and without a shadow of a doubt, this couldn't have happened without the great work of the NACDA office. I would like to pay a special tribute to the interns. Would the interns please stand up and let's give them a round of applause. They're all looking for a job and I want my commission if you get one. I did my job.

With that, I want to share that next year's Convention will be in New Orleans. If you have some thoughts or input into the Convention, please call the first-vice president. We tried this year to address all of the issues that we felt we needed to face in our industry .Sometimes it's difficult for us to do, so please, share with us any thoughts or concerns you may have.

There is an Executive Committee Meeting at 12:15 p.m. for the new members.

John Swofford:

A little history is being made here today with Gene up here and Barbara Hedges coming in as an Officer. That needs to be mentioned.

Gene Smith:

I moved to Iowa State last year and it's been a great experience for me. This relates to leadership and diversity .How many of you went to the Diversity Session yesterday when they spoke about groups. We all put people into groups. I usually put my three daughters into groups. My middle daughter was always the smartest and the most talented. The other day I received her report card in the mail and I was concerned because she was at the bottom of her class all of a sudden. I called her and said, "Lindsey, I'm concerned. You're at the bottom of the class. What's wrong?" She said, "Don't worry, Dad, they teach you the same things at both ends." With that, we're adjourned.