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28th NACDA Convention
June 6-9, 1993
San Diego, California

Opening Remarks and Keynote Address
  • Jim Jones, Harvey Schiller, Dave Maggard

    Awards Luncheons

    NACDA/Disney Scholar-Athlete Awards Luncheon
  • Jim Jones, Homer Rice, Jack Gimmler, Tom Butters, Bud Davis, Jack Lindquist, Carlton Gray, Dick Schultz, Keith Jackson

    NACDA/USOC Collegiate Coaches Recognition Awards Luncheon
  • Jim Jones, Frank Windegger, Gary Bender, Barbara Jacket, Harvey Schiller, Tom Butters, LeRoy Walker, Bill Byrne

    General Sessions

    Alcohol And Date Rape Education For Student-Athletes
  • Bob Dinaberg, Ron Heitzinger

    HIV/AIDS: Developing An Effective Education Program For Your Student-Athletes
  • Bob Thompson, David Finnane

    Career Development: The Student-Athletes Personal Game Plan For Success
  • Don Casselman, Mary Ann Heath, Lynn Snyder

    The Athletics Director As A Leader: The Positive Impact Of Our Profession

  • Bill Byrne, BudDavis, LeRoy Walker, Judie Holland, Jim Copeland, Warner Alford, Bobby Risinger

    Coaches' Forum: Questions And Answers For Coaches And ADs
  • Vince Dooley, George Raveling, John Cook, Barbara Jacket, Terry Donahue

    NACDA Business Session
  • Jim Jones, Betty Kruczek, John Swofford, Bill Byrne

    Division I

    Student-Athlete Forum: Questions And Answers
  • Fred Miller, Sharon Manship, Bob Brasher, Karen Jennings, Courdie Miller

    NCAA Committee To Study Rules Federation By Sport

  • Steve Morgan, Jack Lengyel, Elaine Dreidame, Judith Davidson, Cedric Dempsey, John Harvey, Bucky Wagner, Frank Rienzo, Mike Lude, Tom Kinder, Barbara Hedges

    Division II

    Trends For The Future: Where Are We Headed?
  • Margo Harbison, Jack Doyle, Chuck Lindemenn

    NCAA Committee To Review Financial Conditions In Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Margo Harbison, Jerry Hughes, Eve Atkinson, Charles Harris

    Division III

    Current Issues: Membership/Waiver Procedures And Regional Championships
  • Betty Kruczek, Betty Norrie, Dennis Collins, John Harvey, Paul Bogan, Tim Gleason

    NCAA Gender Equity Task Force
  • Dennis Collins, Phyllis Howlett, Diane Wendt, Judy Sweet, Chris Voelz, Tom Hansen, Vivian Fuller

    Junior/Community College

    Positive Impact of Sports Procedure Changes In Two-Year Colleges
  • Lea Plarski, Mary Ellen Light